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Mr bullet feeder ball bearing bearing?!?!?

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1) anybody know where a dummy like me could buy a ball bearing for the bullet dropper locally?


2) what size ball for 9/super? 


I had a moment of stupidity, many of them, but this one cost me my bullet feeder being operational. Doh!!! 

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I live in a medium sized city (Greenville) and I’ll hunt one down tomorrow now that I know the size. I plan on getting some extras and taking the ones I have with to confirm size. 


I cleaned off my entire bench and found one... but I reload in the garage and I blow it out with the old leaf blower on the reg so one is still missing in action, residing in the yard. 

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On 3/5/2018 at 6:34 PM, metalicat30 said:

It also translates to 4.5 mm.....Amazon has them.....and i almost lost mine while measuring mine....doh :)


Looking on Amazon it's seems 4.5 mm is a common size.... Thanks!

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