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  1. Lay a 9mm or 380 case on the missed primer ramp. Works as well as any aftermarket add on. For the spent primer side I fabricated a funnel out of a piece of copper HVAC tubing. Slipped a tube over the funnel and ran it down and back behind the bench to a bucket.
  2. I use the 3 plastic trays along with the metal insert to get the 380 out of the 9mm. It's not perfect or the most efficient but it sure beats going through them one at a time.
  3. I've never actually used the high end Giraud. But I don't see a case feeder option for it. It also looks like it would make your fingers hurt. I previously used a couple of the drill mounted trimmers. I've upgraded to a Dillon 1200. I still don't like trimming, but I despise it a whole lot less now. Universal decapper in station 1. Trimmer in station 3. M die in station 5.
  4. I have the MGW tool for Glock slides. It doesn't get used all that often but it is worth every penny. I would buy it again.
  5. I have a few Blade Techs for different guns. The one for the G34/35 is the only Blade Tech that I really haven't liked. I tried a Red Hill and never looked back. Great holsters. I went with the Ben Stoger hanger on the RHT.
  6. Wait, what? There's a maintenance schedule on a Glock? All kidding aside, the only thing I've ever broken on a Glock is a trigger return spring. That includes a couple of Gen 2 pistols. Clean or dirty they just seem to run.
  7. I was in a very similar situation. After setting up the 650 I wondered why I didn't upgrade sooner. As good as the 550 is, the case fed 650 is even better. I also struggled with what to do with the 550. I ended up selling it to a buddy of mine (for way less than 80% of new). No regrets at all. The 650 does everything I need. As far as the 550 making better ammo, I don't buy it. In my experience the ammo coming off the 650 is no better or worse that what I got with the 550. It just comes off the press a whole lot faster.
  8. I picked up a cheap dehydrator from Harbor Freight. Seems like it was around 20 bucks after a 20% off coupon. I wouldn't even think of putting food in the thing, but it works great for brass.
  9. +1 for Taccom if you are just starting out or if you will just be shooting the occasional 3-Gun match.
  10. I like the Glock platform. They are affordable and they are super reliable as long as you don't put a lot of aftermarket parts in them. Like others have said, why build up a limited gun to shoot minor? That leaves way too many points on the table. At least the way I shoot anyway.
  11. Steve133 nailed it. That being said, 3-Gun is pretty much a hobby for me. I don't want dirt cheap gear that I will be replacing every year but I also don't need the top of the line stuff either. I have the 1-6 Strike Eagle on 2 different rifles used by my son and I. It has been a great scope for the money so far. We have beat them up in 3-Gun (UML) and a few Run 'n Gun events. Both have been reliable and done their part.
  12. LMAO That's some gross feet.
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