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  1. You might check out these guys. I ordered their 300 Blackout trim die and tool head. I haven't used it yet so I can't offer any sort of review other than it looks very well made. https://www.whiddengunworks.com/custom-reloading-dies/
  2. 2 pages worth here. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/272274-what-do-you-use-to-carry-or-haul-your-3-gun-gear-around-during-a-match/
  3. Get the part above. And check what Rooster said. If the screws have been over tightened it can create issues. I fought primer issues on the 550 for a long time. Some new parts from Dillon and the part pictured above solved all of the issues.
  4. The Magpul Glock magazines run just fine. Not a lot of extended basepad options though.
  5. Red Hill makes one. I don't have any experience with their retention holsters but I really like their competition rigs. https://www.redhilltactical.com/19112011-Level-2-Holsters_p_25.html
  6. Do you have any idea who machined the slides that failed?
  7. Does anyone have any feedback about Fire-4-Effect in El Paso TX? Complete guns, machine work, modifications, customer service, just looking for opinions on the place. Thanks in advance.
  8. Good series. There's a Facebook group related to the HBO series. There's some pretty good stuff in that group sometimes. "Chernobyl HBO Fan Group"
  9. +1 for RHT. I actually started with a Bladetech and switched to RHT for a Glock 34/35.
  10. ^^^ This ^^^ Worst brass since someone decided to put small primers in 45 ACP. I now inspect 9mm brass closely after I clean it in order to weed out the stepped cases.
  11. I would attend as long as scheduling works out.
  12. Lay a 9mm or 380 case on the missed primer ramp. Works as well as any aftermarket add on. For the spent primer side I fabricated a funnel out of a piece of copper HVAC tubing. Slipped a tube over the funnel and ran it down and back behind the bench to a bucket.
  13. I use the 3 plastic trays along with the metal insert to get the 380 out of the 9mm. It's not perfect or the most efficient but it sure beats going through them one at a time.
  14. I've never actually used the high end Giraud. But I don't see a case feeder option for it. It also looks like it would make your fingers hurt. I previously used a couple of the drill mounted trimmers. I've upgraded to a Dillon 1200. I still don't like trimming, but I despise it a whole lot less now. Universal decapper in station 1. Trimmer in station 3. M die in station 5.
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