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  1. Glock021

    Brass Dryers

    I picked up a cheap dehydrator from Harbor Freight. Seems like it was around 20 bucks after a 20% off coupon. I wouldn't even think of putting food in the thing, but it works great for brass.
  2. Glock021

    Shotshell carriers

    +1 for Taccom if you are just starting out or if you will just be shooting the occasional 3-Gun match.
  3. Glock021

    Limited Ready Glock17

    I like the Glock platform. They are affordable and they are super reliable as long as you don't put a lot of aftermarket parts in them. Like others have said, why build up a limited gun to shoot minor? That leaves way too many points on the table. At least the way I shoot anyway.
  4. Glock021

    Sub-$400 optic

    Steve133 nailed it. That being said, 3-Gun is pretty much a hobby for me. I don't want dirt cheap gear that I will be replacing every year but I also don't need the top of the line stuff either. I have the 1-6 Strike Eagle on 2 different rifles used by my son and I. It has been a great scope for the money so far. We have beat them up in 3-Gun (UML) and a few Run 'n Gun events. Both have been reliable and done their part.
  5. Star Wars, the original, in 1977.
  6. Glock021

    Shotgun for sale.

    LMAO That's some gross feet.
  7. Glock021

    Glock 34 Gen5 MOS FS

    Best feature of the Gen 5........... No more finger grooves.
  8. I struggled with priming issues for awhile on a 550. I ordered one of the primer track bearing plates with ball bearing from eBay. That and some replacement parts from Dillon took care of all the issues. I have since upgraded to the 650.
  9. Glock021

    What’s the polite way to pick up brass?

    ^^^ This ^^^ Make sure the resetting is done first before picking up brass.
  10. Glock021

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    I would go with the old school RCBS until I had a reason not to. There's an older Rock Chucker on my bench as well. It's not 48 years old, but I believe it's a Rock Chucker II. I use it for rifle rounds (larger than 5.56). It will never leave my bench.
  11. Glock021

    Clean or Dirty Glock

    Once or twice a year, usually after a Run 'n Gun, is about all the deep cleaning my Glocks get.
  12. I'm in "The Dillon Reloaders Group", "Dillon Reloaders - The Blue Group", and "Dillon Precision Owners". They all seem to be just like every other FB group out there. Sometimes good, informative posts. Sometimes redundant. Sometimes "did they really just post that?"
  13. Glock021

    RHT 3gun Holster

    I agree, great holster for the money. I plan to order a couple more.
  14. I started with a Versamax and ended up with an Accurate Iron M2.