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  1. Lyman is bringing production scale... Mark 7 is staying on Florida. I honestly do not want Lyman customer support that can troubleshoot a Lyman turret press, giving me advice on my Evo Pro. I like being able to contact support at Mark 7 and being asked for video of my issue or to be in front of the machine so they can walk me thru troubleshooting process. My support issues this past month were solved 2 of 2 with stellar service from Mark 7.
  2. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3173334 The maker also designed the offload funnel I use as well... Have fun printing for your Mark7 Evo.
  3. There's also a 3d printed funnel option as well. Free/low cost is your have access to a printer.
  4. I was having the same issue, the designer of the knubble says I should take out the screw heads on the shellplate and it would be fixed. I personally just left the clamp in place on the printed fix. My video with the test print (I reprinted one that looks better now):
  5. FWIW do you guys have an additional nut on the powder adjustment? Previously mine would still tighten in process of actuation, added another nut and the issue went away. Also are you doing any extra flaring with the powder measure? I do all my flaring with the Lee Die loaded with MBF expansion, and just have the powder drop go for actuation, but no additional flaring. Just spitballing ideas here. Good luck with your powder measures.
  6. SHHH i feel special and you just ruined it....
  7. Rollsizer is automated and more expensive. Decide if you want an automated rollsizer from the beginning or want to go manual. Not sure on casepros current lead time but I did wait ten months for mine so if double check with roll sizer on their lead time from payment to setting at your door.
  8. With an RF-100 user, you hit the button... load primers while loading.... by the time you need another 100 primers, the tube is loaded. The RF100 tube fits on to the Evo primer tube (there is a cutout for the primer alarm for the rf-100), just need to push on the tube a bit.
  9. Sorry bud..good luck on heating and getting it off... Mark 7 assured there's no hex inside the threaded cap?
  10. Just a sanity check... The sprocket you are putting on has a different teeth count then the one currently installed? I was in your situation, but sometime mentioned that the teeth were the same... Sure enough.. Same teeth count. I converted Mark 7 X to Evolution Pro though....
  11. We are too busy unloading and loading with our shiny evolutions and revolutions... ? Sold Super 1050 for Evolution.. zero regrets, loading right after setup manually then added Conversion for my auto drive and now just basking in a pile of ammo. Do it again? Yes.. sell Super 1050 in March 2018, no next time I would wait longer, but take a larger loss on the Super 1050. Dillon is going to have to compete by including all the aftermarket fixes that have sprung up. It's almost hilarious how much better the evolution is compared to a super 1050 for $200 bucks extra.
  12. Printing this tonight! I Had to figure out how to move the model around in Cura Slicer to not print at a weird angle. Doing the chute and the Case feeder this weekend.
  13. I went Hornady LnL > 650XL > Super 1050 > Evolution. Wish the evolution was a press when I started 15+ years ago. No regrets selling Super 1050 and upgrading to Mark 7 Evolution.
  14. Yes, there is a left side that you can attach a handle or socket wrench too to manually drive the Evo Pro - once the Mark 7 Autodrive is in netrual or stopped. I drive excessive flare as that it keeps the bullet in place and doesn't scrape the polymer coating when fired or pulled. I could dial it back a bit, but then I deal with bullet toppeling and scraping issues. It also could be that I use a Lee Undersize die and the bit more of flare/expansion is needed as my cases are a bit undersized as well.
  15. My Evolution Pro is alive... Finally had some time to run some ammo this evening... Nice and slow. Case feeder is going to be the death of me... Seems cases are dislodging the Shell plate.
  16. Looks just like mine that shipped with the Manual Evolution 2 weeks ago. Besides finding another nut to lock (3/8-24) the adjustment in place, it works great.
  17. Looks like great progress! I am interested in the STL when you are ready.
  18. I sold my Super 1050 when the Evolution became available as I wasn't committed into the Super 1050, only reloaded one caliber, no extra toolheads etc. I was able to keep my autodrive and convert it to an Manual Evolution... Only regrets was I reloaded on a 550B this year as I waited for my Evolution to be shipped. Now running my evolution pro, all the money lost on selling my Super 1050, the time and waiting was worth it.
  19. Looks great! You are a couple of steps ahead of me.. Tonight attach Mark 7 Autodrive (waiting on a tool, Sucks living in rural flyover state, everything has to be UPSed in)... Next week play with swagesense. Be as cool as Crash. ?
  20. Thanks.. I had the heat gun out but apparently not enough heat applied. Ordered a new Allen hex drive showing up tomorrow... I've bent my Allen wrenches for today. ?
  21. Crash you did the 1050 to Evo autodrive conversion. Trying to attach my Mark 7 X autodrive this morning.. any tricks on getting that small Allen to budge on the motor gear.
  22. Looking on Amazon it's seems 4.5 mm is a common size.... Thanks!
  23. Did you insert the Mr bullet feeder powder expansion into the Lee Universal expander? I made this change and it helped immensely. Learned from the Mark 7 setup video.
  24. Yes, after my initial setup I am willing to buy a separate tool head no matter the cost ..
  25. There are other issues with the powder drop on long useage 300+ primers, I need to pick up a nylon nut like other suggested to stop the powder measure dial from moving.
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