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  1. What a great idea ! Let me know how this works out. I like the idea of tumbling them in the pins......Post pics of the finished product if you can..thanks
  2. +1 for Dillon lube and one shot here and dont remove ...zero issues
  3. Hornaday cam lock.....as recommended by many here and now in use by me with great success
  4. Can you post some pictures of the spot on the press where you think this is occurring ?
  5. I would take 10 non damaged and run them thru while watching in the bowl of the case feeder to find the issue.
  6. That looks more like its hit the lip of the sizing die. I have had that occur on occasion on one side of the case but not both ? Do you know or have you seen where the case feeder is doing that to them. How many is that happening to?
  7. Yeah the hammer puller has a place but this collet puller is sweet when you have a small stack to dismantle.
  8. I ended up getting the hornady......frigging thing works like a champ.....thanks for the recommendations
  9. I have a lee turret. I also reached out to the manufacturer and received the same response....zero. I guess the writings on the wall....use a collet puller. Its a shame as it seems like it works like a champ if you watch the video...oh well
  10. Which collet puller are you using if you dont mind ?
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