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noob from WA


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Hey everyone my name is John Yi. I just joined this forum about a week ago and glad I found it. First time shooting was around the age of 14-15. I built an AR about 4 months ago.Then join a range shortly after the build. Went around 10 times or so to the range and just practiced and tried to pick up stuff from youtube and range officers, or whoever had more experience than myself. I bought a shot timer around 6 visits into the range membership and that made me enjoy going to the range. Had a lot more to offer than just shooting paper by itself. Shortly after I bought the shot timer I purchased a M&P PRO CORE 5". First I just tried to learn how to shot the handgun sense it involves a lot more than a rifle. First time going to shoot the pistol and I was shooting left about 4-5 inches roughly. Looked up grip and stance techniques. Went to 30/40% dominate hand 60/30% weak hand, and shot much better. still had a lot of work in my mind but a night and day difference. I always thought you used 100% of your grip when shooting so I go back to old habits when I am not completely focused, especially when new shooters are at the range. I am also a member on ar-15.com,3gunnation,boomershooter.com

As of right now I joined a new range on 1-3-16, about 2 miles less than 5 mins from my house. Old range was 10 miles away maybe 20-30 mins drive depending on traffic. New range closes range down at 7:55 which is nice sense my old range closed at 6:30. After I shot my buddies M&P Pro with apex full internals sub 3 pound pull I knew I wanted one. I am now waiting for my Apex Flat Faced Kit,Jerry Micuelk Comp.,JP 3.5 lb trigger spring kit. Apex comes today with a Apex builders block. Comp and spring kit come Friday

Cars, Motorcycles, and Snowboarding were my main hobbies. I had my 2006 GSXR 1000 stolen this summer, Now after my 3rd motorcycle I am going to stay away from them for a while. Then was rear ended at a dead stop on the freeway at 40+, severe low back problems and a partial torn neck tendon for a few month. A little better now but still not even close to being healed. Thus not being able to snowboard/longboard and cant work on cars anymore. After my car accident I knew I would have a lot of free time with no real hobbies besides taking care of my 11 month old puppy, Duke. Hes supposed to be half Mini Doberman and half Jack Russel Terrier, he weighs 38 pounds so I think hes a mut of some sort. I then looked into Firearm ownership. Now a few thousand dollars and 4 months later I am offically addictied to firearms and shooting, hopefully adding competition shooting soon as my back allows it. Thus I am reading into steel shooting events because of the lack of movement.






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Yibomb , I'm new here too.

I already shoot with NickBlasta......hes a gamer.

I always do better after he's shot the stage.....i'm still learning.

Didn't know he was into broomstick mausers though.

That's cool!

Where abouts in Wa. are you located???

There's a couple ranges still shooting in the rain.

IIRC theres a Steel match this weekend at Renton Fish and Game.

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Yeah I have been doing some research on Steel Matches and the one are RFGC in renton this weekend is the one I would like to start at. But my Sarariland level 2 retention holster,comp belt, and all the mag holders 2 pistol mag holders,1 ar15 mag holder,and a few sets of locking ELS system. I have been watching matt larson or something on youtube he has shot some steel in my area of WA.

I finally finished my Apex Flat Faced Trigger Kit. Noob mistake and tried to punch out the small black cap by the beaver tail and arrow in the very beginning. took an hour trying to get the piece that holds the forward facing sear. Another 30 minuets trying to find the video on how to remove the plastic slide on the rear slide. Took about 2 1/2 hours total.


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I take that back, the trigger would make your gun legal for only limited, L10, or open.

A quick scan of the rules says the flashlight isn't allowed in limited, but not prohibited in open.

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hey guys I don't have enough posts to post anywhere so i just thought about adding it here

Hey guys I noticed this a while ago but thought it was fine b.c I didn't have anything to compare it to. Now that I got a Glock 19 to compare my M&P core. I don't know what the part is called but its where the barrel lugs meet the lower on a metal part. The picture below shows the S&W on the left and Glock 19 on the right. Seems like the factory welded the part and didn't do a good job sanding it down. Should I just sand it down and call it good or should I send it back to Smith & Wesson. I also had a chip in the rifling of my S&W so I was thinking sending the whole gun in but wanted to ask you guys first.



Barrel chip in rifling



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It's called the locking block. The rough spot on the M&P's locking block is the spot where it's broken off from the others when it's cast. It's normal.

Have you shot groups with the gun yet? If it shoots fine I wouldn't worry about the chip. If it bothers you though and you don't think you can live with it send it back. Smith is pretty quick on warranty service and they'll probably toss in some extra mags for your trouble.

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Thanks for the info blasta. I have shot around 1000 rounds through it and only notice the chip in the barrel after the first cleaning after first 200 rounds. The barrel shoots fine and everyone I have asked said it wont affect anything. I don't trust my groups outside 10 yards but next time I have an experienced shooter i will ask if he can shoot a group at 25 yards. I have maybe shot 25-50 rounds at 25 yards I normally shot at 5-7 yards.

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I got a new SSS non captured 5" guild rod, 13lb spring, and a lower powered striker spring. Put everything in and did a little but of light sanding on the locking lug and where the trigger bar meets the plunger. Went to the range to test out the new set up and I had light strikes on 3-4 rounds out of around 35-40rounds. I like how the new striker spring makes the trigger 3/4 lb lighter and it felt like it too. I know the new striker spring is most likely causing the light strikes but could it be the lighter guild rod spring? Also noticed that on all my brass the strike was not a nice little pin point it had like a small rectangle mark(looks like it got mushed)and oblong striker mark.

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