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  1. 12 scoring hits are available. 12 penalties can be assessed.
  2. Said rule only applies for the referenced reason, trying to give general procedural when specific ones should be used. In this case two specific penalties are being given. There is nothing in the rulebook that says two (or more) specific procedurals can't be given for one shot. The correct number of procedurals is 12.
  3. You would need a plate that raised the optic up above the slide, because the optic is too big for the cut itself.
  4. Have one in my hands and I can tell you it doesn't fit the cut.
  5. Any replacement grip module is allowed if it meets the criteria in 21.4.
  6. Can use the P10 plates. They're the same size?
  7. Is there anywhere to buy the factory plates in the US?
  8. The language you use is important. It helps to be up front that a service is being provided to the buyer rather than a product. A product can or can not be delivered, pretty black and white. A service you are arguably already providing (registering a person, squadding them, building the match on their behalf) it can help you win chargebacks more easily.
  9. You're right, I personally wouldn't buy one without a lifetime warranty.
  10. Only if it pokes out the sides.
  11. To be fair there's an extra level of complexity where the merchant has an agreement with the credit card company, listing where chargebacks are and aren't acceptable. The person organizing the match is bound to this merchant agreement, even where contracts you make with the cardbearer might contradict it. For example if my merchant agreement with the CC company says "cardbearer may chargeback in instances where the product/service is not received or is significantly different from described", nothing I try and bind the cardholder to in terms of agreeing to no refunds will fly. I could say '
  12. Anyone put a Romeo3 XL on one of these? Do you use the RTS2 plate?
  13. Looks a lot like a sideways bullet having tumbled after hitting the steel. I would say the call is legit.
  14. Technically 9.5.5 only counts if it exceeds your bullet diameter... How I've seen the RMs score it at majors is that if you have a hit that's partial on steel, and then anything at all that resembles a bullet, or a piece of a bullet (including any kind of semi-conical radius, or any piece of lead that leaves grease on the paper), in the NS, you get the NS. If it looks clearly like just a piece of jacket (a sliver, or a mere tear) you do not get the NS.
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