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  1. I know, I'm just playin'. I didn't look at the stage before the match started, or else I'd have fixed it for Bruce. He is learning though, I don't think he'll make the same mistake again.
  2. Haven't I taught you anything? You should have arbitrated based on the stage being illegal and had it thrown out.
  3. This is personally how I interpret it, I can cut a nice square or rectangle out of the middle of the metric target and have it be legal, so my steel rectangle is the general shape of a legal target. "General" is a very generous word that you could, without clarification, use to justify almost anything.
  4. It's been converted to single action at some point, it's more or less the same as converting a CZ to single action. Makes it illegal for production, he can shoot Limited cocked and locked.
  5. As in most cases the WSB is the stick, you can usually get what you want with the stage design carrot. You could just design it so they pass the barrel anyway on the way to each position so stuffing pouches is slower.
  6. I have seen such stages too. Prohibiting stowing of magazines is fine because the rule does not specifically allow you to stow magazines. Nor does it disallow it, so conceivably on a mags on barrel start you could stuff your pouches, but as you note, it would be fine for the WSB to prohibit it. However as carrying a magazine in the hand is specifically allowed, it does not seem to logically follow that you could disallow it via WSB.
  7. Sucks, but you were specifically allowed by the rulebook. Knowing your rules helps you in the match.
  8. It's more like a clarification because the old rule was not clear enough, saying that basically you could carry a magazine and not get bumped to open as long as it remained in your hand. So it takes care of people asking if they can carry it in their teeth or under their arm or whatever. lol
  9. When stipulations in the Written Stage Briefing require placement of magazines or speed loaders on a table or similar location and not in the retention devices prior to the start signal, retrieving them and using them from the hand is allowed. Further, spare ammunition,magazines and/or speed loading devices carried in the hand after the start signal are not subject to the equipment position restrictions of Appendix D, Item 12, as long as they remain in the hand. Magazines may never be held or carried in the mouth for Divisions with equipment position restrictions specified in Appendix D, Item 12.
  10. Yes. "Last" 8 is the 8 most recent valid classifiers. Since the top two are valid scores, they bump out the oldest two valid scores. They become "E". The current two lowest, the "F"s are still your two lowest of the 8 and stay F.
  11. You are basically replacing the bottom two scores (the 72s) with the top ones. It's a +2.02% difference to your average. They are the oldest scores so they drop off first to make way for the top two. The "F"s remain your lowest and stay dropped.
  12., can't hit people with violating stage procedure for insufficient shots.
  13. You should be able to do the math after and figure it out. You probably can figure roughly what your hit factor will be, which is the same as your points per second, and figure out how many seconds you trade for the 15 points for a mike. But if you want to develop a sense for it, generally the higher the HF is the harder it gets to make trading time for points worth it. So say like El Prez. Normally you can shoot it in 6 seconds. Say you light strike on the last shot and stop. 60 - 15 / 5.7 seconds = 7.89HF. At that pace, if you could make up the shot with an alpha, doing it under 1.9 seconds would make for a better hit factor. 60 / 7.6 = 7.89HF. If it takes you more than 1.9 seconds your hit factor starts going down again.
  14. It literally says it in the text you quoted.
  15. A replacement takedown lever is illegal already because the CO rules don't allow you to replace it. An aftermarket slide stop is allowed, so I'd have to assume it's legal until the rules say otherwise.
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