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  1. No because of the portion after "unless".
  2. I imagine they will eventually only do what they mostly do now, which is offer to replace your old model gun with something they currently produce. If they say they can't fix it because they don't make open guns anymore you may be able to convince them to do it, maybe not. The terms of their warranty allow them to decline a repair for whatever reason they want.
  3. There was a point where STI began to notice that the prices being charged for custom 2011s were considerably higher than the prices it was charging. Reasonably, STI wants to bring its prices up somewhat from where they are, but not quite to custom prices. They know they are seen as the entry-level 2011, so they can't just raise prices. At least not easily. So, boom! The DVC is born. It's flashy, and the price is higher. Gradually, the old lines (Trubor, Edge, etc) are discontinued. People of course begin to notice that the guns are not really different from the old lines, and in fact may even be worse. Comps and slides are cracking. People still go to custom vendors. So the company thinks... another brand redesign. If competition shooters know the product isn't worth the new price, let's advertise to... tactical shooters! After all they're spending the prices we want on custom Glocks, we can get them to buy our guns! They're half plastic already! So they drop the Staccatos, marketed towards timmies. Enter the gradual phase-out of the DVC line.
  4. Gear violation during the COF, the relevant rule covers both, which is that if you're not shooting open you go to open, and if you're shooting open you now shoot for no score.
  5. I understand, but as written, "a ready condition in 8.1" says “Selective action” – chamber loaded with hammer fully down, orchamber loaded, and hammer cocked with external safety engaged (see Divisions in Appendix D)." I could see it if the reference to Appendix D wasn't baked into the rule, but it is, which means you're violating it.
  6. Well you're complying with the start position, that seems clear to me. I mean there's no exception that prevents you from going to open. The logic chain is fairly complete imo, it says you can reholster according to 8.1, 8.1 references appendix D, D4 tells you the valid ready condition, reholstering in an invalid condition is a violation of the gear rules...
  7. I don't see how you get there using the rulebook though. There's no printed exception.
  8. No. You can reholster in a valid ready condition (same as during make ready), and holstering cocked and locked violates the gear rules for production.
  9. You would go to open, yes. You must lower the hammer after barneying and before you holster.
  10. As far as I understand the gun ready condition rules apply when the gun is holstered. So if it's an unsafe ready condition (loaded / hammer back / safety off) it's a DQ, if it's a safe but invalid ready condition (loaded / hammer back / safety on, halfcock / no decocker, etc) you go to open on holstering regardless of how the gun is eventually at the beep. Might not be fair, but it's consistent.
  11. It's not an invalid start position and so the competitor should not get a reshoot. It's covered by the firearm ready condition rules and Appendix D for production. The authorized ready condition for guns with hammers in production is "hammer down" (D4 #1), if you are in a different but valid ready condition (cocked and locked) you're simply violating the gear rules and go to open (
  12. My experience with this (I shoot a lot of rimmed super) is that it happens when the mag bodies are too short front to back. It will not feed from MBX mags unless you load ridiculously short with how the cartridges stack in the magazine due to the rim. 38SC does not have the same problem.
  13. Yeah... as-is there's no rule that prevents one from using a long dustcover.
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