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  1. Read the OP. The context of the thread is going minor and gun switches. I thought I'd made that clear in subsequent posts, maybe now you're actually reading them.
  2. I said that if they had already gone minor, using a 10rd gun would be advantageous over continuing to use an 8rd gun. I don't think you can contest that this is the case.
  3. Yes. Which can apply in other circumstances, but not this one, because you were DQed for switching guns without permission. lol
  4. No? That's a DQ. 5.1.8 A competitor who substitutes or significantly modifies a firearm during a match without the prior approval of the Range Master will be subject to the provisions of Section 10.6. And if you seek approval, see my previous post.
  5. The substitute firearm satisfies the requirements of the relevant Division. You have to be IN open already. The substitution isn't approvable if you aren't.
  6. No, I mean, you can't. If you start out shooting a revolver anyway. The replacement gun has to also be revolver legal.
  7. You can't, because when you switch guns your gun has to fit your declared division. You can't "switch to open" by trading your revolver for a limited gun. You would have to go open before your gun breaks.
  8. That example would be fine. In the context of switching to guns with higher capacity it would not.
  9. What would you consider a competitive advantage then? Because I could see arguing against something like a different set of grip panels or such being subjective, but a capacity advantage is pretty cut and dry.
  10. I don't think you understand the rule. You aren't considering, like as, when registering, "is it better to shoot major or minor", you are considering in the moment if the competitor's backup gun is better than his primary. So we have a major shooter that's gone minor with his ammo, not by choice. He's shooting 8rd minor now. His gun breaks. He has another 8rd gun like his primary and a 10rd minor gun in his bag. Which gun would be better for him to use? The same gun or the gun with the 25% capacity advantage?
  11. Again, you aren't considering if it's allowable in the division or not (that's, just if using this gun vs. that gun offers you an advantage.
  12. You aren't considering the competitive advantage in using a working gun over a broken one, just if the backup gun offers an advantage over the primary (if it was working). Since the primary holds 8 rounds and the backup holds 10, that would be a significant advantage.
  13. Shrug, shouldn't have happened. It would be a competitive advantage to use the other gun.
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