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  1. It's still only as much engagement with the gun as a race holster is, really. About the same size as the locking block on the DAA. There is no rule that prohibits it, of course 5.2.6 gives a RM the ability to disallow a holster if he considers it unsafe. So if the match RM is down you can use it.
  2. I can see holes in targets out to about 40 yards, but you should never rely on feedback from the target because it's really slow and it'll visually confuse you (sometimes you see a fly or a shiny piece of tape and it's gonna set off alarm bells) Shot calling with a dot is seeing the dot on the target, and when you press the trigger, the bullet went there. You see the dot not the holes, if your dot was on the A zone twice you got both hits, eyes move to the next target.
  3. I've had this happen with older frames and plastic grips, the slot that the sear spring fits in is way too low. You get barely any engagement with the sear spring. I cut new slots in a couple grips to make the sear spring sit higher which works, steel grip works too since the slot is higher on them.
  4. 5.2.4 tells you what you can use to carry magazines. You can use your pouches /after the start signal/ (which means it's still relevant) if allowed by the WSB. So you can have a "mags staged on barrel" stage where one can stow magazines after the buzzer, meaning 5.2.4 is relevant. lets you use pockets. allows you to use your hand. So you have three places you can put a magazine and the holster is not one. This is unrelated to where the gear is placed, if you stuffed a magazine down the back of your shirt you would still go to open even though the magazine is at the small of your back.
  5. Because you are only authorized to use specific things to retain magazines, your pouches (or pockets) and your hand. A holster is neither, it would be the same as balancing the magazine on the brim of your hat or sticking it in your armpit. Where it is in relation to the hips isn't relevant in this instance
  6. Open shooters get a pass (because they are "no" for D-12), if you carry a magazine anywhere but a pouch or your hand you're violating the gear rules, since single stack is a yes for D-12 you go to open.
  7. It's supposed to be an accurate rating of your skill level, so much like with other averages you get a more accurate number by tossing out outliers, both low and high. It automatically drops low scores same as high scores. You can just ask to have them included.
  8. I thought it was mostly to prevent you from jungle-taping magazines.
  9. Steel, if it falls for anything other than being hit by a bullet, is REF. The bullet "stops" when it hits hardcover. A bullet that passes through a wall and hits paper "didn't hit" the paper. Same for steel. So the steel fell without being shot, same as if the wind blew it over.
  10. It's a judgement call by the RO. If it appears to happen as they are normally engaging steel, it's REF. If they appear to do it intentionally, it could be cheating, which is 10.6. I ran about 10 shooters at Area 1 who hit a popper thru a wall. It was because the wall was partially obscuring the popper to create a lean. They didn't lean far enough. Gave them all reshoots, it was accidental. However, if someone appeared to tank a stage and then sought out a piece of steel they could hit thru a prop, I would seriously consider going with 10.6.
  11. Correct, it could be CO legal, but having the dot on the frame would violate the gear rules. If you mounted it yourself behind the ejection port it'd be fine.
  12. ..How does it not meet production requirements? The red dot isn't fixed in place.
  13. Sight tracker meaning the front sight doesn't reciprocate (as in this case it's attached to the frame).
  14. There's nothing that prevents a sight tracker gun from being production legal, if someone manufactures one. CO gun the red dot must be mounted behind the ejection port anyway.
  15. It is specifically authorized. There is nothing to worry about
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