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Etching Comps


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Any thoughts on who would do laser etching on my Ti comps while still on barrels? Some places don't like doing gun parts and I'm not willing to take the comps off to get it done.

I'm thinking SARGE would look good on each side. :)

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I may have lucked out. There is a local guy who landed a major gun part contract doing exactly what I want. 10 minutes down the street.

Now to figure out whether to totally personalize it or do something more generic like DVC? Thoughts??

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I saw this post earlier and had flashbacks. Years ago a machinist buddy did some machining on a gun for me and while he was at it he machined my last name into the sides of the comp as a surprise. Ok, it was really nice of him (and it came out nice) and I still have that gun, but the fact is who would want it?

Unless you never intend to sell it I'd do something a little more generic. ;) A cool design, or graphic would be interesting. Maybe your Sargent's insignia or unit insignia?

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That came out looking pretty dang nice!

Good Job. :cheers:

Was it bead blasted and color filled?

Not sure exactly what the process was but he asked if I just wanted it surface laser etched or deeper. I chose deeper so I can polish it once in awhile. He said he would shoot for black? I Assume it's something he did with fine tuning the laser.
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