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Clays and metering


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I found the powder to be a bit inconsistent as well especially when the hopper gets a little low. What I did was polish the inside bottom portion of the hopper and I put a pvc pipe (about 10' long) with a cap on it on top of the powder for better consistent pressure on the powder. The pvc pipe is about the same diameter as the inside of the hopper. Seems better.

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I get very good metering (+/- 0.1 grains from 10 drop measurements) from Clays now, after a few mods:

  • Dremel polished hopper bowl
  • Dremel grinded & polished powder funnel
  • Keep hopper at least 3/4 full
  • Use the Prairie Dog Perfect Powder baffle
  • Have my Dillon grounded via wire to an outlet ground
  • Use a small (10 gallon) aquarium air pump rubber-banded to the hopper
  • Use the Arredondo powder bar with Micrometer
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Dillon now makes a low volume powder bar, I have one and it does help with the 2.6 grains of clays I use in my 38 short colt.

Another issue I found, using a 550, is the "new style" powder measures, with the anti-double charge plate causes the powder measure to slam down which caused me to have some inconsistent loads. I took a dremel to one of them and removed that arm. works better now.

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