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  1. I enjoyed your video, thanks for posting. Have you done anything to your VP9? I guess there still isn't VP9L?
  2. The 5# striker spring and extra power trigger spring feels the same enough to me as the 4.5# with the stock trigger spring...but the former ignites all primers so that's what I use.
  3. I have a lot of it and use 3.4 with 147 SNS from a KKM barrel Glock 34. It works fine. It meters amazingly accurate. It seems smokier than Bullseye using coated bullets. It is easily makes PF with .40 so it's nice to have it around. It makes the the powder hopper turn grayish/black which is slightly annoying.
  4. I shot ".45 minor" for a couple years. 180/5 with 4.2 of BE. About 130 PF. Very accurate and soft shooting.
  5. Heat up the grip with a heat gun and heat up the grip tape before you apply. Problem solved.
  6. Fill it up with the new bottle. It's the same powder.
  7. I've had inconsistent results with the Zev Competition Spring and lightened strikers. Pretty sure the Zev "Competition" spring is just a 4# spring. Seeing as how I get the same results on a trigger gauge from the Zev to a 4# spring, Wolf or Ghost. FWIW I had problems with Fed primers too and the 4# Zev combo. I up'd it to a 4.5# spring and still had issues with the Zev Striker - but I was not having problems with a stock striker and a 4.5# spring. I got rid of the Zev and went with an IDP striker and had no problems until I wore it out after about 50k rounds. I measured the IDP and it was now a bit shorter. I assumed I eroded the tip or it got hammered on and deformed. I moved on to Jaeger striker and broke it almost immediately but Jaeger sent me a new one. Spring quality changes from lot to lot as well. I had a Ghost Spring got 15k rounds and a years worth of dry fire. I had one seemed to go bad in half that time.
  8. Yes I've had my Glock double. I had the overtravel stop adjust for too little travel. On reset the firing pin would slip of the trigger bar.
  9. I've not had an issue with the trigger not resetting. I have had it not reset all the way past trigger safety. Some triggers just change the angle of the shoe so the trigger safety clears much sooner. Some connectors change this a bit.
  10. It's working good for me out of a KKM G34. Small flakes, meter great, very consistent, low SD, lower smoke. Very accurate. Using coated 147 RN with 3.08 g over 10 throws.
  11. I had an XDM and got rid of it before I really gave it a chance. I kind of regret it now. Shooting a Glock I can see where the XDM has improved/ideal features .... or at least for me.
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