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Normal upgrades to a stock "old" Para P16


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I have an "old" Canadian born Para P16 that has been sitting the safe. I have OEM P16 mags for it. Only upgrades have been FO front sight, Caspian (BOMAR like) rear sight installed, and SA Magwell.

I want to shoot 40 "minor" loads. I want to add a grip safety that is maximizes my opportunity to deactivate grip safety every time. I want to replace the trigger and all associated parts for dramatically improved trigger pull.

Suggestions and advice? Thanks

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Any particular reason you're looking to shoot minor out of it?

Anyways, I'm not sure if they used the PXT extractors back then. If so it might be worth getting a sleeve and using a "regular" 1911 extractor.

As to the trigger you won't need to change the trigger itself. Just the sear/hammer (and likely the thumb safety for fitment issues). The trigger itself doesn't really contribute to the feel of the trigger pull.

Other than that as long as it functions well it's probably ready to shoot.

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You may still want to keep changing the trigger on the table as a ill-fitting heavier trigger may cause problems for a very light trigger job. Unfortunately, I have none to recommend since STI stopped producing the "STI for Para" trigger. Others may have suggestions...



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I, too, have an old Para 16-40 that I shoot for IPSC & USPSA.

The Canadian built ones have a much better reputation than the newer USA built Paras.

My only issue with the pistol is that some parts are specific to the Para.

STI disconnect & sear work just fine, but finding a replacement trigger is often difficult.

Magazines can be had from Mec-Gar. Last year getting mags from Para-USA was not a option, as they claim that they were revising the mag-design and weren't available.

I'm running an Aftec extractor.

The plastic mag release wears out quickly, so put in a steel one.

The pistol is still going strong, but if I had to do it all over again, I would have bought an STI just for better parts availability.

If you are loading to minor, don't go much below 140 power factor or you will have feed issues, or notice the slide is getting too slow.

Playing with spring combinations might solve this issue.

For reloading, round nose profile bullets feed much easier than truncated nose profile bullets.

Good luck,


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