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Recipe for 230gr RN Hi-tek with Bullseye (IDPA)


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Can anyone share a starting recipe for 230gr RN Hi-Tek or similar bullet with Bullseye? Or I do have some Universal too. I am trying rounds for IDPA. I am currently liking 200gr SWC Hi-Tek on 4.7gr Bullseye, its nice lower recoiling, makes CDP power factor, but I want to try 230. I tried the recipe on Alliant's web of 5.7, but it was so hot and shot at like 920 fps.


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I used 4.4 with a 230 grain for a 173 PF out of my Trojan. But I was getting slight leading.

Switched to Ramshot Competition and the leading went away. Can't say enough good things about the Ramshot Competition powder in .45. Great recoil and very clean.

It's like WST on steroids. 4.1 grains gave me 175.9 PF out of Kenny's chrono at Indiana.

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RS Competition in .45 is the bum! Love it!

Sorry, not so sound dumb, but can you explain? What is RS Competition?
It's a shotgun powder by Ramshot. I like it better with the coated bullets than, Bullseye, WST, Clays, e3, and Titegroup.


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Did some more testing today, my Chrono results were a little different than last time, a little lower. Temps were the same, but humid and rain is on its way, so I don't know how much that plays into things.

4.2 gr Bullseye 230gr RN

Hi 723 Lo 690 Avg 715 does not put me in PF

4.4 gr Bullseye 230gr RN
Hi 763 Lo 740 Avg 745 gives me a PF of 171

I used a 14# recoil spring in my gun and I really liked the softer feel of the 230's. Both rounds grouped real nice, the 230's grouping a little tighter. The 200's felt a little snappier and a little more muzzle flip. With the 230's and the 14# spring I felt I could get back on target much quicker.

I think I am going to load a bunch of the 230gr with 4.4 of BE for the local match this weekend.

It seems like my IDPA load is going to be either 4.3 or 4.4gr of BE on 230gr RN Hi-tek.

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