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New to the shooting sports

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Hi I'm Justin. New to shooting. Just got my first handgun. Learning to shoot and eventually I want to Venture into idpa as well as 3 gun.

I know it's a little early to concern myself with this but I like to research a lot.

Would a Daniel Defense mk18 be a solid gun to use? Or what in that price range would be better?

And... How about what would a good shotgun be for 3 gun?

Right now I have a.basic Blackhawk serpa style holster and I just use my regular belt. What would better gear be for 3 gun?

Any and All help is greatly appreciated

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Dude, just start scrolling and reading.

Yup. Very basic questions like that are all already answered.

Just click on Forums, and then select which forum you want

(shotguns, rifles, etc) and start reading the postings for the

past year or two.

You'll learn so much that you won't believe it -

Shotgun is well covered by PEKelley, Rifle is covered by

few other people - you'll start to see a trend ....

Welcome to the Forum, and hope you enjoy it as much as

I have. :cheers:

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First of all, welcome to the shooting community! I'd recommend starting off with USPSA pistol matches for an intro. Not as complicated as IDPA and not as gear intensive as 3 gun. Try before you buy, too. Borrow and/or try other people's gear. Ask questions. Observe what others are using. Your own gear selection is limited only by personal preference, budget, seeing what works for most shooters, budget, your own goals, and budget.

If I was just starting off in 3-gun, I'd get a Glock 34 with some decent sights (front sight with a thin blade and a fiber optic), a Stoeger M3K with a mag tube extension (10+1 total capacity), and an off-the-shelf-ready-to-go-for-3-gun AR. Safariland ELS/QLS belt system with their mag pouches and a pant load of ammo (no steel core rifle ammo, please). Most important and effective investment is training from any of the 3-gun gurus. That alone would put you ahead of the starting block.

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try to hit a few uspsa, idpa and 2 / 3 gun matches just to get a feel for what all is involved and what gear is being used. after they have shot a stage and reloaded mags etc, most shooters will be more than happy to show you their guns and gear and answer some of your questions. definitely don't run out and get a bunch of guns and gear before doing this (and/or as noted above browse thru the various Enos forums).

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Welcome. IMO Shoot what you got then take your time to determine what you want and or need. Attend and shoot a few matches, observe what others have, and ask questions. This site will offer you much for your initial research but participation in actual matches will prove actual results.

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Find your local club and see if you can find a mentor or if they have an intro class. I think that pistol is the hardest to master so would suggest learning the ropes thru USPSA.

Do you have any firearms currently?

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