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What causes 1050 case misfeeds?

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I'm prepping a few thousand .223 cases (maybe 5K).. I'm having a lot of cases that don't feed correctly

Sometimes, I can see the casefeed plunger sort of 'catch' and hesitate while feeding the case into the shellplate.. sometimes it looks fine

It happens randomly.. can be once every 20-25 cases, then 3 in a row

What's the most likely culprit?

Case Plunge mechanism dirty?

Plunger Spring weak?

Shell plate issue (too tight, too loose, maybe a bad spot on the plate)

Just crappy brass? (it's pretty much all mil/crimped brass)

Thanks in advance.. Dave

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One problem I have noticed with this issue is small pieces of polishing media on the ramp to the shellplate that cause the case to tilt while on the way to the shellplate.

I also broke the corners of each station on the shellplate with a file. Seemed to help.

There is a 3rd party cam that helps some too...

Other than that, a very solid base for the press. If the case feeder wiggles at all during full operation of the press then it's not mounted on a solid enough bench.


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As Dillon stated "Push down on the edge of the shellplate at the bullet seating station. If it feels springy, then the lock ring needs to be tighter" and disassemble and clean the the case feed plunger and spring. Lube lightly as required, when assembling do not over tighten the top two Allen head screws.

If your still having issues it's just your probably moving too fast, get one of Skips case feed cams.... http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=162927

I did all the above to refresh my press last week and prior to processing 4000 rounds of .223. It didn't happen to me once without reason, all being the case rim was dinged up.

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The current case feed cam from Dillon has the improved profile, mine works great.

That's good to know. I got mine Dec of 2012 and definitely had issues right off the bat. The orofiles between the OEM and Skips were obvious.

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I had one of Skip's fixes.. forgot to move it to this toolhead

Cleaned up a bit, tightened the shellplate

overall, not ,much different

I'll have to strip it down and give it a good cleaning, then try it again

During the last batch of 250 i was doing, I ran out of the dillon spray, and tried some cabelas spray... what a difference.. I'll order some more dillon spray

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In addition to the above mentioned, I also noticed if the locator bolt (PN# 13333 page 31 of the manual) is bent it can lead to case feeding malfunctions. That and 223 PMC brass.

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