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Spot the "deliberate" error

gm iprod

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Found this on the Nikko Stirling Website.


"C-More 10x Scope line

10x Zoom – huge magnification range

The unique X10 Series was designed by C-More Systems located in Virgina / US.

These new scopes feature a true 10x zoom range in a 30mm maintube, fully multi coated low dispersion ETE lenses and an illuminated new HMD (Half Mil Dot) glass etched reticle.

Cmore 10x scopes cover following magnification ranges: 1-10x24, 2-20x44 and 3-30x56.

The two higher magnification scopes offer a side parallax adjustment starting at 10 yards. All 3 models are equipped with target turrets including a zero reset feature and on top they are lockable – very handy to avoid unexpected changes in the field. To provide highest accuracy for the user needs of such specific zoom range all 3 scopes are developed with different increments: 1-10x24 with ½ MOA, 2-20x44 with ¼ MOA and 3-30x56 with 1/8 MOA .

To offer a user friendly parallax adjustment turret on the saddle the illumination turret is located on the eyepiece in a 45 degree angle.

Along with many other great features these new scopes guarantee to offer great consistent image viewing quality across the entire visual field throughout the whole zoom range of the scope."

Anyone see the error?

I found it real quick, but I have a filthy mind.

Won't it make the glass steam up.

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1 to 10 is 10 spread

2 to 20 is 18 spread

3 to 30 is 27 spread

admittedly, 2X10 is 20 and 3X10 is 30 but I really think only 1X10 is 10X.

It really depends on how you look at it !

I'm fairly certain that the industry accepted standard way of looking at it doesn't take "spread" into account. Something more along the lines of: 2 multiplied by 10=20, 3 multiplied by 10=30. Hence, all are 10x zoom range scopes. Same as a 3-9x, 4-12x, and a 10-30x are all 3x zoom range.
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