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New CZ SP-01 which USPSA Mag Pouch?


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I'm using the Ghosts as well, bullets out. To get a good fit I needed the torsion spring with the ridge in it with the long white screws. By comparison, Glock mags fit well with the torsion spring without the ridge.

My only complaint about the Ghosts is the belt retainer portion on the ratchet opening version is pretty wide, so you can't stack them very close on the belt. That's probably not a big deal for the 40"+ waisted folks, but on a 34" frame I don't have as much room to work with. I did grind the edges of the belt retainer down a bit so they fit closer. Seems like the version with the screw on back plate for the belt retainer is narrower than the ratchet kind.

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Tried the Ghosts (which I love, in theory), but couldn't get comfortable with the bullets-out style.

Switched to the Racers, which I prefer as a standard style pouch.

That's exactly how I feel. I ordered the DAA Race Master's and will give them a try.

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