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  1. Hi. Can you convert the 21rd to 17rd? Which parts do i need? Just the floor plate or do i need to change the spring? Thanks for the input!
  2. Mine are both drop-in kits. I believe DK is the first one that installed allen screws on the trigger itself—for both pre-travel & over-travel. So the break is cleaner. During that time, johnny glock was still using an allen screw in the ejector-housing for the over-travel; and now, he’ll probably do what you request on the trigger. So, the quality/feel would probably the same. if you really want to see a big-difference; you should compare any of the mentioned trigger kit to a flat trigger.
  3. -DK (if they have one for gen 5) -flat trigger; you can have johnny glock clean it, if you want a shorter reset.
  4. I think the performance will be the same; the other factors will be replacement parts & trigger (after a trigger job has been done).
  5. The vertec/M9A3 slide doesn’t have front cocking serrations either. I’m really interested on this custom model; which is why i’m trying to find-out if LTT is planning to get it approved for Production Division. It’s not meant to take a job at your input; ‘just trying to make sure before investing a lot of money on a new gun.
  6. I’m worried about the seration; it might warrant a different application.
  7. Are they planning to get it approved for production division?
  8. I’m actually doing both; i’m also a fan of rich’s work?
  9. Hi. Does anybody use this? Is it necessary? My XDM has a trigger job; and i’ve started having light hits. Does it have an extended tip or should i just replace my striker spring? Thanks for your input!
  10. Do you guys keep them? I would understand if the case is a tanfo/fancy; but the boxes of glocks, cz, xd, etc.—??? Thanks for the input.
  11. Thanks for the review; are you planning to install a cajun disco? Isn't the after market hammer legal now in production?
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    glock mount

    You'll have to modify it.
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