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  1. Hi. Can you convert the 21rd to 17rd? Which parts do i need? Just the floor plate or do i need to change the spring? Thanks for the input!
  2. Mine are both drop-in kits. I believe DK is the first one that installed allen screws on the trigger itself—for both pre-travel & over-travel. So the break is cleaner. During that time, johnny glock was still using an allen screw in the ejector-housing for the over-travel; and now, he’ll probably do what you request on the trigger. So, the quality/feel would probably the same. if you really want to see a big-difference; you should compare any of the mentioned trigger kit to a flat trigger.
  3. -DK (if they have one for gen 5) -flat trigger; you can have johnny glock clean it, if you want a shorter reset.
  4. I think the performance will be the same; the other factors will be replacement parts & trigger (after a trigger job has been done).
  5. The vertec/M9A3 slide doesn’t have front cocking serrations either. I’m really interested on this custom model; which is why i’m trying to find-out if LTT is planning to get it approved for Production Division. It’s not meant to take a job at your input; ‘just trying to make sure before investing a lot of money on a new gun.
  6. I’m worried about the seration; it might warrant a different application.
  7. Are they planning to get it approved for production division?
  8. I’m actually doing both; i’m also a fan of rich’s work?
  9. Hi. Does anybody use this? Is it necessary? My XDM has a trigger job; and i’ve started having light hits. Does it have an extended tip or should i just replace my striker spring? Thanks for your input!
  10. Do you guys keep them? I would understand if the case is a tanfo/fancy; but the boxes of glocks, cz, xd, etc.—??? Thanks for the input.
  11. Thanks for the review; are you planning to install a cajun disco? Isn't the after market hammer legal now in production?
  12. myproverb

    glock mount

    You'll have to modify it.
  13. I've modified mine with a dremel; and i can now use any base pad, including stock plate. You don't have to take a lot of material; good luck.
  14. I'm planning to purchase a dawson sight set for my g24. Is it worth paying extra to get the adjustable rear? Thanks for the input.
  15. For those who own one, does the label on the box show "Witness Elite Limited" or "Witness Limited"? Thanks for the info; i want to make sure it's legal in Maryland before I get one; thanks!
  16. I use one on my g34; great trigger. Are you planning to use it with an extended firing pin?
  17. Is P09 better than a 75B? Thanks for the input?
  18. Which # of spring do you use? Thanks.
  19. It took me a while to get used to the shadow, after switching from glock; but, i wasn't really dry firing--the more time you invest on it, the quicker you'll realize why shooters are crazy about its weight, low bore axis, & sweet trigger. Good luck.
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