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  1. same here, N320 is very clean, but I clean the comp every time I shoot it.
  2. This is everything I did wrong in the beginning - nice write up.
  3. Glock 33 mag with the TF +10 is all you need .... and the TF extension makes for a nice grip if you had to reload. The key for me is not to load past 36, works flawless so far.
  4. I have both and prefer the Delrin. Never had one break and we shot indoors during the winter.
  5. JP and resale is very high if or when you decide to sell.
  6. Resale is always a consideration for me when a making a purchase, and JP's hold their value. and no reason to mod the JP unless you have the time and money, they run perfect stock.
  7. Awesome! thanks for taking the time to post.
  8. Mark - was is it a difficult install?
  9. and there are several Glock Mag Bases being made by MBX, Taylor Freelance, etc. that extends the mag capacity for USPS (and allot easier to get off!)
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