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Cz sp-01 trigger return spring?


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Every time you break the one in your practice/backup gun, put a new one in your match gun and swap the old one into your practice gun. Or just replace both of them at the same time. Or do it every so often. they're pretty cheap. I've broken 1 oem spring, but none of the cgw replacements in 15k or so rounds and 10x that many dryfire trigger pulls.

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Right now I have only one gun so I have a match TRS and slide stop and practice ones. Once I have two guns, practice/match I will do the same as motosapian. Once I break the TRS or slide top in the practice gun, I will move the one from the match to the practice and get new one for the match. I use the CGW TRS and floating pin. The slave pin that comes with the floating pin is a must.

After you change out the TRS a couple times it gets pretty easy.

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