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  1. Great suggestions... I took extra care on the extractor cleaning as well as the whole gun and lubed the bolt really well. Something clicked.. ran nearly 300 rounds today with no issues. I'm running glock mags with tf extensions. The 165's are perfectly sized but I tested some 147's with 3 grains of clays that won out in the testing so far. Thanks.. seems to be shooting great now.
  2. I installed it and sighted it in today.. no riser needed for me. The sight was awesome! Thanks!
  3. Ok.. I'm going to lighten up my tube spring and see where that takes me. Thanks!
  4. Hoping the cleaning fixed it... I have not reached out to LS yet. If it persists I will. It has a MBX buffer. I've considered changing out the springs... they seem very strong. Thanks!
  5. Yes.. I ran a variety of ammo. 95 / 115 and Atl Arms 147's. I believe all but the Atl Arms had the same malfunction. It was a little long.. so I didn't shoot much of it.
  6. Yes.. they are fine in regards to length. Thx!
  7. New Lead Star Barrage 16'' faxon 24 eclipse trigger 165 xtreme / 3 gr Clays / 1.14 / every round is checked The issue I'm having... about every 50 to 100 rounds I get a round that does not fully eject. The bolt grabs another round and all heck happens. I had run about 400 rounds out of the gun as of today. I cleaned it today.. completely. Hoping for no issues tomorrow night as I shoot a local match. Should I expect a break in period? Am I expecting too much? Thanks!
  8. I've been testing some loads and thought I'd put it out there. Lead Star rifle with a 16" Faxon barrel.. 95gr MG / 1.09 / 6.7 HS 6 / 1500 fps / SNAPPY... any less HS 6 gets messy so I stopped there. 124 Xtreme / 1.09 / 3.1 N320 / 1000 fps / Soft but only for Steel Challenge 165 Xtreme / 1.13 / 3.1 Clays / 850 fps / Super Soft at 140pf!! (softer than the 124's) will play with this one for a while. *** I've loaded 165's for my carry optics but never with Clays, always with n320.***
  9. thanks.. figured for under 20 I should try one
  10. Holosun offers a riser for the 510C.. is it needed? Has anyone tried it? Thanks!
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