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So, I just ordered a the XL650 press for 9mm and everything to go with it except a tumbler and calipers as I already had those. Between the information on this forum and some local shooters I have learned a ton of information. Can't wait for it to show up! This is my first press and my first venture into loading ammunition period. So far I have only tumbled all my brass, and stocked up on a bit on powder primers and some bullets. I don't recall seeing any shipping info other than the price (or I didn't look in the correct place). Does anyone know how it is shipped, and the shipping speed? I am assuming it will arrive via UPS ground and take about a week.


Forgot to mention, I ordered it all through the Brian Enos store here on the forum.

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I can confirm that Dillon ships with FedEx. Made an order last week and they sent me the tracking info thru FedEx.

Is it just me or does anyone else like to watch your orders progress across the country and love seeing "On FedEx truck for delivery"?

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Looks great. I just ordered a 650 yesterday. I hope mine comes as quickly. Trying to figure out if I should mount it alongside the 550 or if I should swap them out when necessary. I will probably only use the 550 a few times a year. btw I didn't order the case feeder but I will do that in a week or two. Wanted to force myself to go at a reasonable pace.

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