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Telescope Game


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Okay, there are a couple things that need to be put into position first. Move the ball up from the starting position and grab it with the green one at the top, then move that red one back down so that you can extend the red one to the right of where the ball started out. Then extend the green one that's opposite that red one out and retract the red... the green will need to be in this position for a later move.

Then the hard part is getting the two red ones that are facing each other into position. Start by extending the left red one and then extending the right red one to it. The ball will have to be gotten back into a position you can use it by taking it over to the top right. Retract the left red, get the ball back there, and then extend the left red with the ball in it's path. Retract the right red, pick the ball up with the first green you used, extend the right red, retract the left red, move the ball through the top right, then get the ball back down to where you started. Extend the red to the right of where the ball is/started, pick it up with the top red, extend the left red, pick it up with the top green, extend the red to the right of the ball, retract the green in between the two reds, etc.

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Thanks for the tips on GM-10 Cullen! :) I had it 99% figured out I just needed a little nudge to get over the top.


You're welcomed, Ed. There're a couple other ways to do it, too. I can't remember how I got 45 on it and can't figure out how to get 40 on it.

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