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Front Sight-Young Mr. Carmoney


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Way to go Sam !!!! :P:D:rolleyes::)B)

Ya'll don't know the half of it.....

Mr. Sam Carmoney is quite the talented shooter, I had the pleasure of seeing him in Action in Missouri last fall.... in 5 years (or less) we won't be watching out for Jerry only !!!

And like I have said before.......

Anyone that has the name Sam and shoots revlolvers is Alright in my book. ;)


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My wife and I have the pleasure of shooting with young Sam and old Mike about 3 times a month. Great people to know and shoot with. It's really nice to see the sport recognize the value of young shooters and the parents that help them along.

Skip :D

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You know what I like about Little Carmoney shooting? I like the fact that Mike was my first shooting coach, got me hooked into competive shooting, and became one of my lifelong good friends. I was saddened when Mike quit shooting to go to Law School and spent what little time he had with his kids and wife. I also learned alot and grew up some more.

Several times this year while I was standing back with Mike watching Sam shoot, I looked at him and told him, "for me it doesnt get any better than this". That pretty much says it all. I now have two shooting buddies that I am extremely grateful for and look forward to every match we shoot together. Life is good in our corner of the Universe, except having to drive for days for big matches....... :lol:

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Its Great to see fine young folks on the range, I picked Young Mr. Carmoney, for

the column because he had a great attitude amongst also being to shoot a revolver really good!! we need both of those on the range these days, young folks, and great attitudes, So..... If you haven't brought a

youngster to the range, aim high in 2005 and get someone started. ;)

Wait until you'll see the next youngster in Front Sight, he's even younger by a few

years!! If you know of a good candidate for the Junior Spotlight, please email me

and we'll see what we can do.


"juniors are the future"

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Hey Manny, thanks for the really nice article about Sam in FS. I'll tell you, this whole competitive shooting thing has really been a great experience for Sam. We just got back from our local club banquet and he picked up two medals for this past summer's steel challenge series (a second place, and a fourth place, shooting heads-up against adults).

(Now if I could just get the little shit to put half that amount of effort and self-discipline into his household chores, school work, and personal hygiene....) ;)

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