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Denny's shooters supply

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A good friend, Barney Niner, a fellow competitive shooter and successful manager, bought it from Bob Denny several years ago, after being run down, low items in stock, etc. Barney breathed some life into it, sponsored many matches, including the SSC and Area III( I was there with him shooting for him) and he was starting to be profitable again. He tried to modify his arrangement with Denny to have some breathing room, and was unsuccessful, and couldnt financially make it. It was a horrible loss to our community. If you run into him shooting Sporting Clays or Trap somewhere tell him thanks for his hard work! DougC

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The search function here answered my question....

Back in the 90's Denny's was my "go to" shop for stuff. Now that I've come back to the sport, I wondered what happened to them. ;)

Welcome back! Yep, they were pretty much the first choice for a while. Both Speed Shooters International (ca 1992) and Shooters Connection (ca 1995) are still with us.

Have Fun,


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