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My new range cart


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I wanted something that would take care of two problems I have at IDPA shoots.

One was some hard surface to load mags on and a place to sit down (74 yr old legs get tired by the end of the match).

On paper this looks good. In the shop it looks good. On the range may be a different story. If the snow ever clears, I'll find out.

It is held to the cart, that I scrounged up (wheels could have been larger for rough terrain), by a wing knob. Removal of the knob allows separation for transport. Not needed in my PU truck. The handle telescopes down for storage.

The sides are open to reduce weight and allows some access to the range bag side pockets.

It is a little over sized to permit other stuff to be stuffed in the box.

The seat swings up and is latched in place to serve as a loading table. It is rimmed with trim to prevent cartridge roll-offs.

The green color is a lame shade, but that's what it is.

The CED range bag is really a nice deal. I like it a lot.






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Really, really nice. Just how does the latch holding it in the upright position work? "J" bolt & wing nut?

Good eye.

I wanted something that didn't require fussing with hardware.

The metal bar, with the notch in it, swings freely. When the lid is lifted full up, a J bolt is slipped through the seat hole while holding the swinging bar at it's full upright position. The bar is let down with the bolt shank fitting into the notch. A nyloc nut on the J bolt keeps the bolt from backing out. The J bolt stores in the hole went the seat is down.

Quick N dirty.

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It looks heavy. Are IDPA matches concentrated in small areas?

The weight was a concern while drawing the plans. That's why the sides are cut out. The case is 'Baltic Birch Ply' 1/2" thick. The oak top is reduced thickness (5/8" I think). It's not heavy to lift onto a high tailgate. I'm guessing 5 to 10 pounds.

The short coming may be the smallish wheels dealing with crushed stone (this was a scrounged cart from my wife).

The IDPA courses I've seen are not spread out over large areas. Even if set between two stages and moved on every other stage it would serve it's purpose; a place to load and sit.

TV is a good suggestion. I wonder if the range would leave the lights on for me into the evening?

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