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  1. My cost to get into PCC was zero, I already had everything. I had a .40 Sub2K that takes Glock mags, and I already had several mags of various capacities. As the longer mags do not carry well in a pouch I just stuck them in my pockets. It ain't pretty, but it sure is fun.
  2. I know this is an older thread but I will answer just for archive purposes. I have barrels from all three makers, but they are 40-9mm conversion barrels. The Stormlake, in my 4.5 XDm dropped right in and shoots and functions great. The EFK for my XDm 3.8 dropped right in but the chamber is a little tight for the reloads I intended to shoot in it. I have not yet had the Barstow installed in my 5.25. I bought it intending for my local smith to do the job but he is not comfortable doing the job. Someday I will send the gun and barrel back to Barstow and have them do the job. I would just h
  3. Ha, I know this one. The purpose of Practical Shooting is to make brass. It is just that simple, and all this philosophical discussion is hogwash! But seriously, I dove into competitive shooting during the break up of my marriage and subsequent divorce. It was a very welcome escape from reality for a few hours a couple of weekends a month. I don’t drink, do drugs, or fish so I had to have something to get my mind off my troubles.
  4. [quote name="Bryan 45" post="1954744" timestamp="1372075223"I think they use the table for 3GN because it looks a little better on TV than pulling a rifle out of a trash can. My buddy and I have a saying "presentation is very important".
  5. This is a topic near and dear to my heart and one I am currently struggling with. My little jewel turns 10 at the end of this month, and has been shooting her little Anschutz Woodchucker .22 bolt action for almost three years at the “Youth Shoots” sponsored by a local club. She did very well for a while and really enjoys going but has hit a severe slump for over a year now. She is at a point where she must shoot unsupported (no bag, sling only) and score a minimum of 40 points out of 50 for her targets to count. It is pretty tough given her muscle mass and she just can’t do it. She still
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