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New Aluminum Basepads for 17-rd MecGar Mags...


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It says $15 a pad if order 6 or more. Looks like it works only for the same magazine types. I need 3 factory and 5 CZC 17 rounders- price stays $17.50. Correct?

I just tested this... I added qty 4 of 16 round base pads, then 1 of the 17 round base pads and finally 1 of the 18 round base pads. After adding the last (sixth) base pad, the pricing dropped from $17.50/ea to $15.00/ea.

So... you should get 8 base pads for $15.00 each.

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Razorfish described how it should work. It may not work if you get 3 XDM pads, 2 Glock pads, and 1 CZ pad. If that is the case, then just note the volume discount in the notes section during checkout and our shipping guys will fix the price.

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Just for your intention that Prague store has the Aluminium basepads in various colors for original Shadow mags. These came from Shadow 2012 Orange ( only they in black)

The basepads hold up ok

So here they are L-R Aluminium, Original, Aluminium


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Just received a set of the blue ones. Quality looks outstanding, packed very securely, shipped fast. Thanks Scott.

Now need to wait for the Shadow and mags from CZC :)

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