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  1. The XD9 was designed on a 9mm cartridge, so the XD in .40 is based off using 9mm magazine. The XD .45 was designed as a .45 and so was the XDM .45, so they use the same mags. The XDM 9mm was designed off a .40 cartridge, that is why those mags uses ridges on the 9mm and do not on the .40.
  2. Correct, that fit in the hollow factory rod. It would be double the price and is overly heavy in my opinion to make the entire rod.
  3. We suggest the 13 coil springs for 140's. The regular ones will work until they do not. Make sure to gauge your mags as there are variables to the tubes.
  4. I haven't seen that one yet. Would you want to mill the slide?
  5. Check with CZ Custom for a Dan Wesson SSC.
  6. Marketing drivel. They make CNC grinders that are more accurate than lapping. They do make a good guns though.
  7. .40 is soft in minor. Buy a reloader or a new gun
  8. You might want to send that message to Dave
  9. STI and I have had a relationship for over 25 years, some of you know the story. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. Westwind Investors, the parent company of STI, is committed to making STI the premier firearms manufacturer in the world and bringing the joy of shooting to people everywhere. Nate Horvath, STI’s CEO, and I are confident that I can help them achieve that goal. That is why I am now the Senior Director of Operational Excellence. That’s a fancy title, but it basically means “hang on to your STI hat, cause there’s some cool stuff comin’”. I have not sold or reduced my role at Da
  10. Free is good if you don't need your pistol for awhile. You'll send the gun in and they will put a new one in and return it to you. Now if you want better,
  11. The issue is the shape of the slide and the safety system for milling. The curve and the top makes it too narrow for many scopes. The dovetail mounts and OSP work fine.
  12. Time for new magazine springs, The follower presses up the release when it is out of bullets.
  13. Yes, we have those mounts. springerprecision.com
  14. If you stick with a load, probably not, if you like to tinker with loads and bullet weights, it is handy.
  15. Yes, they are on the production schedule.
  16. Correct, they were made to solve that common issue.
  17. Yes, they follower works with the 9 or 40. in the 170mm. They hold 26 .40 rounds, 29 9mm rounds.
  18. The issues with that is dropping them in places that have mud and other debris that could fill the hole and prevent removal. We do have the CZ 17 round CZ75 mags on the list for 140's. We are working through many projects, so I can't give an exact time they will be done, but they are getting closer to the top of the list.
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