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multi duty 308 optic


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I already have the rifle on hand being a pws mk216.

I have taken it out to 900 yards with my 5.5-22 nsx but this is a temporary optic that I had in my precision pile.

I am looking for a reasonable low magnification optic for 3 gun/work/hunting/EVERYTHING!

I dont want to spend nightforce or S&B MONEY ON THIS OPTIC..just need something tough and proven that will hold a zero and illuminate no matter what kind of hell its put it through..

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Vortex Razor HD Gen II 1-6... and I even know of a pretty cool place to get them :)

im a little hesitant on this optic cause it puts me back into nightforce territory..i have used it and liked it though


What is your budget?


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Budget is definitely a major factor in anyone suggesting what is best. For the best value, I agree with everyone else on this thread, take a good look at the Vortex. Going up to that 2k mark, night Force is great. Above that, US Optics is a great choice with great customer service.

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A Bushnell Tac Elite 1-6.5 sits on both my TO and HTO rifles. Used the .308 to take 2 deer at over 200 yds in low light last year. Watch for sales and pick one up for $1100.


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