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Grip stippling

Bob Hostetter

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I've done my 9c and my 9Pro on my own... I started with the back straps, because those are easy to replace, if I biffed. I masked my frame off with painters tape in the pattern I want and went to work I started at the top and worked my way down then around. I think both guns took about 30 min each, start to finish. I used a Dremel VersaTip. As long as you don't totally screw up (burn to deep), it's easy to fix.

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here's mine....first try...it's not hard at all. just use a lead pencil to outline the shape you want for edges...and then just go REALLY slow. if you go slow you will not dick it up.

also I found that the battery irons are great for getting a closer grip on the point and staying more precise but they do burn batteries. I would use a heavy rubber band to hold the button down so it stayed hot and to keep my hands relaxed and it worked great...but I did go though about 10 batteries doing this M&P


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