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  1. Was this time plus scoring or something else? Looking down the total column, which appears to be time plus penalties, and it is not in numerical order. Just trying to understand how it worked...
  2. Does anyone have any info about the new CK Arms PCC and the components that are in it?
  3. Has anyone tried them? Any issues?
  4. Jesse, did you do any experimenting with the Franchi? I am curious if this is an option that is worth the premium over the Stoeger and if it closes the gap between the M3000 and M2. Also curious if the trigger group parts interchange with an M2 for easy 922r compliance.
  5. Looks like a shootout between Kevin and Dean for first going into the last match... Good luck guys!
  6. I even tried to search it before I posted... Didn't come up. I should have known this was covered at some point. Thanks.
  7. In the July issue of American Rifleman, there is an article on the see all open sight. Looks interesting for a tac optics shotgun sight, but I don't know if it would fly. It doesn't appear to be an optic, as you are not looking through it at a reticle. What do you guys think? Would this be a sight or an optic?
  8. I just smoothed the bottom of the mag tubes a little with a file. I read that some people were having issues with the spring possibly catching on the bottom of the mag tube as it crosses the transition between the extended base pad and tube. Not sure if it helped my problem or not, but the bottom of the tube was a little rough and sharp.
  9. Take a look at Faxon barrels... I recently bought one at an extremely affordable price and it shoots very well. Honestly though, It looks like you have everything you need right now to get started.
  10. I have a TS in 40 S&W that I have had for about a year. I was experiencing some infrequent jams, but during a match over this past weekend, it became a jam-o-matic. It jammed four times during the first stage. There were a few other guys in my squad shooting CZ's, and they thought that my jam problems were related to the hollowpoints I was shooting. I exchanged my hollowpoints for flat points with a buddy I was shooting with. The jams were not as frequent, but were still present throughout the day. I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at the jams during the match, but it appeared they were all nosedives. I was running CZ Custom extensions with their springs and followers, as well as a CZ custom guide rod. After doing a little research, I filed the bottom of the mag tubes to smooth the transition between the tubes and basepads. I then thoroughly cleaned the tubes, and wiped them down with a silicone cloth. I also removed the CZ Custom guide rod and replaced it with the original polymer guide rod. I went to the range today to see if I could get it to jam up so I could try to see what the problem was. I did not clean the gun after the match, so it was still dirty. I ran 225 rounds of the same hollowpoints without a single jam. I ran every mag I own with not one problem. After the way the gun performed during the match, I was expecting it to jam up right away, but I don't think I could have made it jam if I tried... Is the jam issue solved? Are the CZ mags that sensitive to not being clean, or getting a little but of crud in them? was the guide rod the culprit?
  11. I just ordered one of the Anderson uppers without the dust cover and forward assist from Aim Surplus today, they have them for $40. I used one in my last build and have no issues with it.
  12. Mine started to do this after a short time when I first got the shotgun. There is a video on Brownell's that shows how to polish the shell latch. Once I did this, I never had problems with it again. From what I understand, it is a common problem with the 930 with an easy fix.
  13. I have a TS that started to do this occasionally and got progressively worse. I have the extra power mag springs. I also shoot factory loads. I recently replaced the factory recoil spring with a 15 lb spring, and have not had any problems since. I think the original recoil spring may have worn out.
  14. I have an SLR 15 inch 3 gun hand guard. Very nice, very light. The barrel nut that it attaches is a very solid mount. The only negative is the small diameter limits your gas block selections. I have recently installed an SLR adjustable gas block, and it is a fairly tight fit.
  15. OK, thanks for the photos.
  16. For those running a 9mm barrel in their Tactical Sport 40, how much fitting is required, and to what part of the barrel? Is this a DIY job or does it require the skills of a gunsmith. Does CZ custom fit barrels?
  17. For those running a 9mm barrel in their Tactical Sport 40, how much fitting is required, and to what part of the barrel? Is this a DIY job or does it require the skills of a gunsmith. Does CZ custom fit barrels?
  18. Ammo is harder to get your hands on and is expensive if you don't reload for that round. The biggest benefit that I see for the 300 BLK round is the flexibility of having a quiet subsonic round and a fairly capable and hard hitting supersonic round in the same package. If your not going down the suppressed route, where is the benefit? Ballistics are similar to the 7.62 X 39 from what I have seen, and that round is certainly more available and a whole lot cheaper.
  19. I have a similar handguard... it is one piece and just threads on. Mine came loose once, and I could twist it slightly back and forth until it was stopped by the gas tube. Even though it was only slightly loose, it destroyed accuracy until I got it tightened back down.
  20. I am going to be using my M&P 15-22 rifle for some steel matches this year. Most say not to dryfire a .22. Should I avoid dryfire on this on as well?
  21. I ended up opening up the magwell more, at the rear. Once that was done, the extensions didn't require any work. The factory plastic baseplates had to be shaved down a little bit to make them fit.
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