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getting back into it....need advice...PLEASE!


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Hello all,

I shot in USPSA back in the late 90's to early 2000's. I had a SV in 38 super that I used in open class. I ended up having to sell it all due to health reasons.

I have recently been getting back into the shooting sports, and recently contacted a local club member that I used to shoot with. He had told me that he had switched to all cowboy shooting and had not shot ans USPSA in many years. He also told me that since he didnt shoot them anymore, he would offer both of his STI 38 super open guns to me for sale, including all of the equipment to go along with them, since they were only taking up space in his gun cabinet.

Well, to make a long story short, I fell into a really good deal. I ended up with no hesitation buying btoh of them, all 11 mags, and the belt, holster and mag pouches.

Last week, I ordered a Dillon 650 like I had back when I was shooting.

I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place. I remember when I was shooting in this club, that the one member had also built the 2 guns for the guy that I purchased. The guy I purchased them from made sure to give me this guys number and told me that if I had any questions, on the guns , reloading or anything like that I could call him or the guy that built them for him. Well the guy that sold them to me cant remember what components he used when he was reloading, and I cant get the other guy to answer his phone. I do know the guy that built them is retired and may be out on vacation.

With the weather going to turn good here in a few weeks, I am trying to get all of the reloading components bought so that when I get my 650 from Dillon, I can immediately get busy with working up a load for the open guns.

I do remember when I had my complete factory SV 38 super, I was using the following components(correct me if this does not sound right, I am going by memory from 12 years ago)

Starline 38 Super Comp brass(IF I remember right, we had to work with the extractor to get it to extract the rimless cases)\

9.2 grains of VV N350 powder(If I remember right, I was told at the Area 5, Y2K match in 2001 at Barry, Illlinois that these were pretty hot)

Winchester Small Rifle Primers (was told to use small rifle since they were toguher to handle the extreme pressures of a 38 Super Open load)\

Montana Gold 124 Grain CMJ(round nose or flat??)

1.245 Overall Length

Feel free to put in your 2 cents on this list of components.

The STI 38 Super Open guns I just bought were built by a local gun builder that did it as a hobby, he is well known in the area, so I have no doubts that he built them right.

Frame - Standard STI 2011 frame(Hard Chrome)

Slides - Standard STI slides 5"(Hard Chrome)

Barrels - both are Nowlin 38 Super Bushing barrels

Cmore Serendipity Red Dots

I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions on the reloading components.

One thing I have noticed, I have seen .355" diameter bullets which are basically 9mm, but I have also seen .356 diameter bullets offered.\

I need the .355" diameter bullets correct?



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