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  1. It will depend on what you’re actually trying to improve. Trigger control yea pull it, transitions maybe not when your isolating trans drills. Then when you feel you’re doing better put it all together and pull the trigger on the timer.
  2. I been using red loctite for years. If I need to replace or just remove the comp I use a little butane torch. It holds great and I’ve never had any issues with it releasing unless I wanted it off and add heat...
  3. I just keep my super-comp oal simple with 1.234. I’ve run SVI, gen 1 STI and MBX w/grams guts and the MBX are what I’m going to sick with. I got my set of MBX mags when they first became available and maybe something along the line changed in manufacturing because I hear a lot of open shooters from 9 to comp are having issues with their newly purchased mags.
  4. I’m no example but when I was shooting everything within 10hours every weekend I would work on foot speed away from the gun and fundamentals with the gun. If you have the time and desire I suggest rotating your days. This way you won’t wear yourself (hands) out with only dryfire. Monday; do foot work and the regular agility drills with short sprints. 15 to 30 mins. Tuesday; dryfire 30mins Wed; livefire. I usually shoot 3 to 400rds working on fundamentals and what I noticed in my match. Thurs; dryfire or agility drills Friday; load for the weekends match and followings weeks livefire or if you feel good just do the opposite of what you did for Thursday’s training. Saturday; shoot a local, major match or livefire.. Sunday; chill. Disclaimer; doing this with more likely than not will cause at least one of these 3 things to happen and maybe all 3 (as in my case). 1 cause a divorce 2 cause burn out 3 cause your to get damn good. Decide what’s best for your situation, develop a plan and do it. Even 15mins of dryfiring fundamentals 4 or 5 days a week will make a noticeable difference in your game. Like anything and everything, you will get out of it what you put into it. Good luck and stay safe.
  5. Plus the fact that you’re like 6.5, could have played college ball and probably run the 40 in under 5.0 might have helped?
  6. IPSC Nats is always stacked no matter your division. Only 2 shooters broke the top 20 not shooting with a dot, Niles & Ben. Shannon doesn’t mess around when it comes to National matches, IPSC and USPSA. Nothing that any of can’t do but doing it well at speed that’s another issue for another topic. Don’t be to hard on yourself, learn, improve and go get em next year. That’s what it’s all about. Good luck.
  7. That’s ridiculous too. It’s a National championship match and even having it happen one time is to many.
  8. What was the deal with some of the steel, was it old and shot out? Just curious.. tks
  9. Well, don’t play defense in our game so it’s all about how well we can shoot on that day. I do compare my scores and shooting to better shooters and when I can actually see what they're doing better I’ll watch and maybe video them. Then I add whatever it was to my practice along with my usually routine. I wonder how much it would change the way we think and shoot each stage if we had ea division shoot with the same class of shooters. Prod A shooters shoot with only Prod A shooters and so on through ea class then do each other divisions the same. That might be to much of a pain in the ass to actually try anyway.
  10. 20-25 yard bill drills and those dot drills. I mean whatever causes pressure for the shooter. Distance, time or both. You won’t consistently make the shots or the time if you don’t have good triggers control. Good luck.
  11. Mike Seeklander did a podcast with Eric G, I think that was one of his best and most interesting.
  12. The podcast quality is actually not that bad when you listen and compare them to some UFC podcast. When the UFC pods have guests you can’t understand jack. It’s sounds like the latest mumble-rap bs that’s out these days. SMDH
  13. Do range rules superseded the USPSA rule book at a USPSA event? Last time I read anything, it was USPSA rules only or don’t advertise an event as USPSA . I don’t thing this has changed but I want to double check, thanks
  14. I personally think most failed calibrations come from the first hit moving the popper some (not so it falls) and of course after the steel has moved it may fall with a .22 short. I have never seen a popper set on a level slab so squad after squad shooting it all day the calibration changes. I just wish we could get a reshoot if we have a full hit in the calibration zone but your rules are the same as mine and we will continue to win some and more likely lose most cal calls.
  15. When does this ever take place before an issue? Lol
  16. Thanks, I missed most of the 9.9’s Going back now to check if I missed it because it’s only available online and I swiped and skipped the entire page.
  17. You shoot the activator popper it does not fall but you have already transitioned to the other side of the course for a target the popper would activate, if I put a round where the activated target would be if activated, do I still get the fte penalty with the mikes? I am driving so I cannot proofread Thanks
  18. Interesting that Tanfo let Eric go late last year. Good things ahead for CZ and Eric. Good luck to Tanfo now
  19. I wish one of these podcast would talk more about what’s going on with the Org.
  20. Yep, I think the 2019 limited and open divisions might be a little harder than you think to get in, I’m basing this on the location now vs Florida and the fact that all high cap division will be in Utah and all the 10 round divisions are still in Florida 2 completely separate events. Plus, with so much more to do and see out west I would think more would want to make the trek vs coming to Florida and like Florida but I’m ready for the trek....
  21. Hey Steve, my  PP acct is      95amatt@gmail.com  

    if you will get me the address that you want it sent I'll get it sent in the mail.  


    1. 45plinkster


      1613 Forrest street

      Tupelo, MS 38801


      thank you. Just sent PP

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