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  1. I have 8 pounds of Clays, 8 pounds of VV N350 and 4 pounds of VV 3N37. Plus 4 pounds of VV N105. All we have loaded with is VV 3N37. The only canister of powder that we have that has a broken seal on the cap is the 3N37. Atlas, I cant agree more with the worries of the flat primers, it is absolutely baffling to me. This was the first time I have used Federal primers in anything. IN the years past when I loaded 40, 45 ACP & 38 super major loads and now currently with my 38 super major loads I have exclusively used Winchester primers. I know for a fact that I have on hand if it isn't the proper burn rate for the caliber I am trying to reload, but this is ridiculous. It is listed in Sierra's manual and VV loading data as being an acceptable powder for the 124 FMJ 9mm loads. What really worries me is why does Sierra list their charge from 5.7 - 6.4 but yet VV lists their range from 5.2 - 6.2? Seems to me that the Sierra data is capable of producing loads that are to hot. I can see a .1 swing in starting and max charges, but the Sierra starting charge is .5 grains different from VV. I am no expert and do not claim to be and I have to take as they know more than I ever will, but I just would like to know the reason why.
  2. We recently just bought a new Glock 34. It has had about 500 factory rounds thru it so far and we are wanting to reload ammo for it now. In years past I reloaded 45ACP, 40 S&W and major loads for 38 super and have no trouble whatsoever. I have never reloaded 9mm, and cannot believe the issues I am having with reloading this common round. For my Major 38 Super loads in my STI race guns, I am using 7.9 grains of VV 3N37, 124 gr MG CMJ, Winchester SRP at 1.250" COAL. Running at an average of 1340 fps and as expected there is some primer flattening. Years ago, before I could afford a full blown race gun, I used to reload ammo for Glock 24 and my Springfield Armory 45 ACP. I just wanted to put this in here so I can show that I am not a complete newbie to reloading, but I have a lot to learn also. Now that my son is old enough to shoot with me now, I started him out with my Glock 24 and that was kind of a handful for him so I went out and bought the Glock 34 for him to shoot in matches. He improved majorly just by switching from 40 to 9mm in his accuracy and time. With all of the factory ammo almost gone, and I refuse to pay the prices they want for factory ammo, it is time to reload for the 9 and 40. We found that the Sierra manual had a load listed for 9mm 124 TMJ, CCI primers, 1.135" OAL using VV 3N37 5.7gr(1063 fps) to 6.4gr(1179 fps) out of a 4" barrel. We loaded up some test rounds using Federal SPP, Federal cases, 124 gr MG CMJ, 1.135" OAL at 5.8, 6.0 & 6.2 grains(all on the low end of the suggested powder charge range) of VV 3N37. Keep in mind that the barrel length in the Glock 34 we are shooting is 5.32", not the 4" barrel that Sierra had listed as their test barrel in their manual. We took them out and shot 3 of the 5.8 grain loads and the registered 1160 fps average on the chrono, which is way higher than the Sierra manual listed. We were seeing velocities at 5.8 grains that were close to the Sierra's listed maximum load of 6.4 grains, with serious case bulge(I know that all Glocks will naturally have more bulge than other pistols) and serious primer flattening. After really looking at the primers, we did notice that there was some primer material flow back into the firing pin hole. This baffled all of the guys that were shooting with me as they all agreed that they had never seen such a swing in velocities from actual reloads and loads listed in a reloading manual. Not wanting to take a chance on destroying a brand new Glock, and more importantly for our safety we stopped at the 5.8 grains and pulled all of the loads immediately. I did check for crimping rings on the bullets that we pulled and we noticed no signs of over crimping. Confused with the results, I got onto VV's website and they have loads listed for Lapua 124 RN FMJ bullets at a OAL 1.142". There powder charge for this load ranges from 5.2gr(1102 fps) to a max charge of 6.2gr(1243 fps) out of a 4" barrel. Seeing this coincides with the 1160 fps we seen with the 5.8 gr(minimum charge listed in the Sierra manual) loads we originally tried that seriously bulged the cases and caused primer flow in to the firing pin hole. We loaded test loads of 5.2, 5.4 & 5.6 grains of 3N37 which was on the low end of the powder charge range listed on VV's website. Took them out and test fired them and they chronoed very close to what the VV data said they would, but once again the primers were flattened and the case bulged pretty bad. The outside of the cases were very dirty and seemed to more discolored from the heat than my 38 super Major loads are. All in all this makes me pretty nervous about using the 3N37 for 9mm. I have a couple of questions I would like to see if someone could answer. Please feel free to provide any kind of guidance, comments as you see fit. I will probably learn something from it. How much will a difference of 4" barrel length listed in Sierra reloading manual and VV's reloading data online versus the 5.32" barrel length in our Glock 34 have on velocities, pressure signs and all of that? At this point I am not overly concerned about the difference of accuracy as I am finding a safe load to shoot. Anyone have any experience loading 9mm using VV N350? I seen that Hornady has listed VV N350(which is right next to 3N37 on the powder burn rate charts) as a powder choice for the 9mm 124 gr FMJ in their reloading manual. I have 8 pounds of this as well as 4 pounds of 3N37 here. Please feel free to give any advice or comments as you see fit! Thanks, Matt
  3. Hopefully they get it back up soon. I NEED BULLETS!!!!! LOL, just like everyone else I know. Got 3000 brand new Starline 38 Super Comp brass sitting here. Bunch of VV powder on the way from Powder Valley. Just bought some Win Sm Rifle primers off of GunBroker today(geesh, the price I paid for them, can we say "Next time, can you be a little easier on me?" Decided to get back into the sport with my 14 year old son. Got a great deal from a fellow shooter on 2 STI 38 Super's complete with Cmore's and (10) 140mm Mags and (1) 170mm Mag. He even threw in his belts, mag pouches and holster. I have ordered and received my Dillon 650 & 900 last week and all of the other goodies that go with them. I got enough powder, primers, wads and shot for 3000+ trap loads. We are going to build our reloading bench this long weekend! Any hints on a design would be helpful! Cant wait to hear the sounds of that blue machine making rounds! Never realized how much I missed it. Now I get to teach my son the respect, patience, attention to detail, dedication, etc that comes with reloading and shooting USPSA! Been looking for 6 weeks now for bullets and primers. Hated to pay the price I did for the primers today, but at this time, after owning the pistols for 6 weeks, I am going to waer them out handling them before we even get to shoot them!
  4. Chuckie, What new site were you referring to? Matt Montana Gold released thier new Web Site today.. what is the site address fow MG?
  5. Chuckie, What new site were you referring to? Matt
  6. Well after my first I realized that I had posted in the wrong category. OOPS! As we all are having the same issues with regards to reloading, I am having a hard time finding reloading components to even get to shoot the 2 38 Supers I had bought a month ago. I currently have a Dillon 650 on order. I went to a shoot today and talked to the guy that I bought the pistols from and he told me that he had wished that I had told him that I was coming to the cowboy shoot today since he found a bag of ammo for the pistols he sold me that he had left over. At least I have a starting point, when setting up my OAL and such. After a phone call to Nowlin, I am still unsure of what diameter bullet I will need to order. .355 or .356? Maybe it souunds like I am paranoid, but I dont want any issues as far as reloading with the wrong bullet diameter and causing myself or my 14 year old son harm. I have witnessed 2 pistols coming apart with bad loads/cracked cases and do not wish that to happen, especially with my one in my son's hands. With the situation today with the ability of getting supplies, I do not want to order the wrong bullet diameter and have to wait that much longer to get the right ones. I did manage to get 3000 Starline Super Comp brass ordered and delivered within a couple of weeks. Heads up, at the time I placed the order, Starline had a prelimniary ship date of 8MAR13 on their website, but I received them on 6MAR13. I want to use Small Rifle Primers, which I have a source for locally. I cant get the quantity that I want but at least its a start. I used to reload with VV N350 solely 12 years ago. As we all know N350 is hard to come by. I have read prior posts and noticed that there are several powders that I can substiute. VV N105, VV 3N37, VV 3N38. ANy recommendations as to which might work the best for the pistols I have? I am not saying that I have to stay with VV. It is just the manufacturer that I always loaded the 38 supers with. Also, can someone give me some guidance as far as building up a load to get the comps to work the best? Since I will have a few rounds that were loaded by the previous owner for guidance, I will have a good starting point After reading prior posts about reloading, I have learned that you can also adjust the overall length of the rounuds to get the comp to work best along with amount of powder. What is the guidelines for this? How do you know when to do one and not the other? I know it is lot of questions. Thanks, Matt
  7. Hello all, I shot in USPSA back in the late 90's to early 2000's. I had a SV in 38 super that I used in open class. I ended up having to sell it all due to health reasons. I have recently been getting back into the shooting sports, and recently contacted a local club member that I used to shoot with. He had told me that he had switched to all cowboy shooting and had not shot ans USPSA in many years. He also told me that since he didnt shoot them anymore, he would offer both of his STI 38 super open guns to me for sale, including all of the equipment to go along with them, since they were only taking up space in his gun cabinet. Well, to make a long story short, I fell into a really good deal. I ended up with no hesitation buying btoh of them, all 11 mags, and the belt, holster and mag pouches. Last week, I ordered a Dillon 650 like I had back when I was shooting. I am now stuck between a rock and a hard place. I remember when I was shooting in this club, that the one member had also built the 2 guns for the guy that I purchased. The guy I purchased them from made sure to give me this guys number and told me that if I had any questions, on the guns , reloading or anything like that I could call him or the guy that built them for him. Well the guy that sold them to me cant remember what components he used when he was reloading, and I cant get the other guy to answer his phone. I do know the guy that built them is retired and may be out on vacation. With the weather going to turn good here in a few weeks, I am trying to get all of the reloading components bought so that when I get my 650 from Dillon, I can immediately get busy with working up a load for the open guns. I do remember when I had my complete factory SV 38 super, I was using the following components(correct me if this does not sound right, I am going by memory from 12 years ago) Starline 38 Super Comp brass(IF I remember right, we had to work with the extractor to get it to extract the rimless cases)\ 9.2 grains of VV N350 powder(If I remember right, I was told at the Area 5, Y2K match in 2001 at Barry, Illlinois that these were pretty hot) Winchester Small Rifle Primers (was told to use small rifle since they were toguher to handle the extreme pressures of a 38 Super Open load)\ Montana Gold 124 Grain CMJ(round nose or flat??) 1.245 Overall Length Feel free to put in your 2 cents on this list of components. The STI 38 Super Open guns I just bought were built by a local gun builder that did it as a hobby, he is well known in the area, so I have no doubts that he built them right. Frame - Standard STI 2011 frame(Hard Chrome) Slides - Standard STI slides 5"(Hard Chrome) Barrels - both are Nowlin 38 Super Bushing barrels Cmore Serendipity Red Dots I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions on the reloading components. One thing I have noticed, I have seen .355" diameter bullets which are basically 9mm, but I have also seen .356 diameter bullets offered.\ I need the .355" diameter bullets correct? Thanks, Matt
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