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Brass- how many cycles?


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How many times? You tell us! Many times....I don't think there is a set point for any brass, as all is different....Load till the primers get loose or they split (I've got 38 super brass that I know I've loaded at least 12-15 times and it's still fine). How can you tell how many times it's been fired? Easy answer.....you can't.

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9mm brass can be reloaded as many times as you need to.

from the 5th time reloaded,i check for dents or airline cracks and out of specs flash holes.

i load my 40 for major in a G35 , then i'm more cautious with the brass ; but only because of the lack of support in glock's 40 barrels .i can get like 5-6 reloads out of my 40S&W brass ; then , when the brass are stretched after 5-6 resizing,i don't take any chances, i ditch them . anyways most of my brass comes from the range, so i don't mind.

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