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If this doesn't belong on this forum or this area, please delete or move...

Smoked for 20+ years...ugh...

Tried cold turkey, patches and meds, none worked.

Looking for advise with experience with electric cigs.

Did they work for you, if so, to what extent.

What brand?

Waste of money?

cough cough... :(

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.i use it,and it works....although i wasn't an heavy smoker (7-10 cigs a day), i wanted to quit since quite long but always got a tough time during the transit .

i'm not sensible to nicotine, it was just the habit itself. i've got myself the EVO electronic cigs,and it fills the needs to do some smoke perfect. no nicotine in these ones. taste much better and it gives a nice smoke and taste ok.

i'd say, if you're not sure about your nicotine addiction , try the ones with nicotine, at least there's no tar , tar is the worst ingredient in tobacco.

1 cigarette is good for like 400 puffs, so 1 each week is enough for me, i don't smoke tobacco since i've started with the E-smokes, but anyhow i'm using them since 6-7 months now, and i haven't still considered stopping the e-cig yet.

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I used blu e-cigs for awhile. As long as there was nobody to bum from, they did the trick of taking the nicotine cravings away. However, I smoke Winston lights and the blu just didn't have that little burn that I was accustomed to; they were just to smooth. My biggest complaint was that there is no indication that the cartridges are out other than no more smoke.

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Thanks for the replies so far...

Joe, if it was that easy for me I wouldn't be asking for advise...

Just want to stop. Thanks.

"Easy Wat To Quit Smoking" Alan Carr. 19.95, and you get to smoke while you read it. By the time you are done.... you will not want any.

PS to the guys that Vape, While tar is bad, NICOTINE is the killer. And the addiction. In fact there is enough NICOTINE in ONE Cigarette to KILL a 180lb man. And that is the truth. It's only because of air dilution (and not in a solution and blood borne) that one smoke doesn't kill you.

Another factoid. The Reynolds company in the 1970's already had vaping technology, but it was voted down (kinda short sighted on the board of directors part) Reynolds paper basically says they wanted to further the technology BEFORE the pharmaceutical companies capitalized on it!!!!

BTW, NICOTINE REPLACEMENT THERAPY does not work in over 65% of people. 20% relapse in a year... so it only works for 15% of people.

Look at this analogy. An Alcoholic. He drinks a case of beer a day.... you DO NOT SEE ANYONE telling him to switch to Vodka to overcome THAT addiction now do you?

Something to think about....

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My wife puffs on one. She used the nicotine-laced fluids for a few weeks. Now, its just the flavored fluid. She sez her addiction is the hand-to-mouth activity. She said getting off the nicotine wasn't bad when giving up the cigs--just the activity. Addictions take many forms-- some chemical, some activities. Are they bad ? I'd have to say its better than the smoke/chemicals.

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I tried them. The problem is it doesn't actually break the nicotine addiction cycle, it just changes the delivery method. That said, it is better than a cigarette in terms of lung damage and the modern ones which use propylene glycol seem to be safe. Each brand is different and some will give you an annoying cough, so you may have to try a few different ones to find the right fit for you.

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That said, it is better than a cigarette in terms of lung damage and the modern ones which use propylene glycol seem to be safe.

Does anyone know if this is actually true? They seem "cleaner" to me, and would seem like they'd be healthier. Are they, or have they just not been around long enough to know they could be worse?

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This discussion is several years old, and we still don't know whether vaping is harmful or not :) What I can say for sure is that my vape pen helps me to quit smoking. I haven't smoked any nicotine cigarette since I've started vaping, so it really works for me.  Of course, many people (mostly non-smokers) think that vaping and smoking are both bad, but I can't agree. I read several articles on the topic (by the way, there is much interesting info on a vaping daily site), and I decided that e-cigs can't be more harmful as tobacco. Another question is how addictive vaping is. Here I don't the answer, but I guess, time will show.

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