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  1. The best series I watched on Netflix are American Crime Story, Mindhunter, Sherlock, The Staircase and How to Get Away With Murder. As you can see form my list, I like crime stories By the way, if someone also cut the cord and is looking for the way to watch favourite TV shows, I can recommend to install TeaTV app on Firestick https://www.firesticktricks.com/teatv-firestick.html. It works like Netflix and I'm happy that I found out about it. Maybe this info will be useful for you. Also it would be great if you shared more suggestions here. Thanks in advance.
  2. MaxxaM

    Having pets!

    Sorry for disturbing this thread, but I've just found it and decided to add my answer. I love animals and I've been living with pets for all my life. Unfortunately, my dog passed away last month. But I still have a cat. She is about 13 years old, so she is not a young lady too. I should say, it is important to take care of the pets in a proper way. I give my cat all necessary meds and vitamins (by the way, Pet Express is a great source to buy them at lower prices). Also I regularly take her to a vet clinic. Do you give vitamins to your pets? Please, share your experience.
  3. Many people suffer from pain and look for the solutions. And I'm no exception. I'm sure there are many good medications that can help. But I don't recommend to take any pills without prescription. It is better to ask your doctor first. At least you can read the description of the chosen pills online (I use Canadian Pharmacy Online for this purpose). But thanks for sharing your experience, guys, I've found several good suggestions here.
  4. This discussion is several years old, and we still don't know whether vaping is harmful or not :) What I can say for sure is that my vape pen helps me to quit smoking. I haven't smoked any nicotine cigarette since I've started vaping, so it really works for me. Of course, many people (mostly non-smokers) think that vaping and smoking are both bad, but I can't agree. I read several articles on the topic (by the way, there is much interesting info on a vaping daily site), and I decided that e-cigs can't be more harmful as tobacco. Another question is how addictive vaping is. Here I don't the answer, but I guess, time will show.
  5. I also think that it is great that people accept PayPal and Bitcoin. Modern technologies open doors and creat new opportunities. I started using cryptocurrency not long ago, and I still need to learn how to mine Bitcoin, but I've already found out the advantages of being a crypto user. By the way, thanks for sharing the link!
  6. Good suggestion! I have kids (4 years and 8 months old). We haven't taken them to any trip yet, but we are going to, so any kind of advice is really appreciated. I have already surfed the Internet and checked TravelSites for the info, but it is always great to learn from other people's experience Of course, we won't leave our 8-month-old daughter with Mickey, but I think, our son will like to spend some time there. Thanks!
  7. I've recently checked Bitcoin forecasts. According to them, the price on this cryptocurrency will be between $16500 and $17500 in December 2020, so if you are thinking about investing in Bitcoin, it is better to do this in 2019. Another question is secure. Everyone knows about the attempts at hacking crypto wallets, so it is important to choose a good wallet. Having surfed the Internet, I decided to use one of the anonymous Bitcoin wallets that keep your personal data and transaction details secure with the help of tor network or VPN (there is good review on https://revain.org/beginners-section/anonymous-bitcoin-wallets) . I chose Darkwallet as it can be used for high security cold storage and creates a new public address for every transaction. What about you, guys? Which wallets do you use?
  8. I don't think, people will stop using PayPal in the nearest future, though there are problems with it. Personally I'm one of them. Speaking about Bitcoin, I haven't tried it yet, but I'm thinking about investing in it. I've recently found a good source where people write reviews and share their expereince in using Bitcoin https://revain.org/projects/bitcoin and they persuaded me that Bitcoin mining is a good idea, though I haven't considered it as an alternative to Paypal.
  9. I've recently discovered Dan Balan, so I'm listening to Hold on Love
  10. It was the right decision! I loved the 1st season! The actors are great! The 2nd season disappointed me at once, so I decided not to watch it. The 3rd is good, but not as good as the 1st one. I read that the 4th season is supposed to release in 2020 or 2021. Who knows, maybe it will be good.
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