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I tried to buy some WSP at a gunshow in early November. I was laughed at. I was told the "Feds" placed a huge order of 10mm for the DoD - somewhere near the tune of 4Bil rounds!? So it's all hands on deck to supply this demand. The vendor told me the supply lines are going to be dry for 1.5yrs.

I ended up finding a box of 1,000 Federal small pistol primers.

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That's complete BS and hokum. Vendors and gun stores are spouting that crap for no reason. You really think all the ammo and components will be non-existant for 1-2 years?

There has got to be BILLIONS of factory made ammo being made per year, and that's not including separate stand-alone components. Companies are working extremely hard to keep up with production, but I'm just not buying the long-term shortage talk.

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