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  1. I've done a few capability studies on my Lee Auto Disk as well as my Lee Auto Drum. To do a true capability study, you need more than 30 specimen (30 drops). I calculated a Cpk, but it's a bit skewed because you have to have an upper and lower control limit that is set by the tolerance, which in the case of dropping powder I don't know what that is. If it were a print dimension for a part I make, that's determined with GD&T tolerance stack up, but in the case of reloading, it's arbitrary. Nonetheless, I decided to use ±0.1gr as my tolerance. It turns out my Lee Auto Drum is has a Cpk of 0.43, which is horrible! Cpk tells you what percentage of your product (or powder drop in this case) is going to fall within spec. Here are process yields for some various Cpk values: Cpk Process Yield 0.5 86.8% 0.8 98.4% 1.0 99.7% 1.2 99.97% 1.33 99.99% In manufacturing, a LOT of money is spent on tooling and process controls to achieve a Cpk of 1.33 or higher! I would suspect one would have to spend a LOT of money on custom built reloading equipment to do the same. I think I'll spend more time and energy perfecting myself before I worry any more about what my powder drop can do.
  2. I agree 100% with this!!! I have found that the user (ME) operating the firearm has more variation than any other component or step in my process of reloading. I have cooled way down on fretting over the details compared to when I first started. Now, if I were doing long-range bullseye rifle, that might be a different story.
  3. I would love to know you're equipment's capability of holding 0.05gr. Not only your dispensing equipment, but your measuring instruments as well. If you can pull it off, I want to know how you're doing it! I'm not be sarcastic, I'm serious. I fret over details like this.
  4. Sigh... short answer, yes. Drives me nuts. I've done said test but don't have it accessible right now. After being involved with doing gravemetric tests at work for cleanliness, trying to accurately measure down to 10mg with less than 1mg variation in a gauge R&R, I realize how inaccurate reloading equipment is. We bought a $7,000 scale in order to pull this off. I tried to buy outer old scale but no luck.
  5. My Stock 2 (with reamed throat) does the following with 147gr and N320 @ 1.142" COL: 3.3gr - 893fps 3.5gr - 949fps 3.7gr - 970fps 3.3gr is most accurate of the three.
  6. Here's my comparison between the manual vs what I actually measured (upper table). The lower table linearly interpolates a velocity based on the user entering a charge weight. These numbers are linearly interpolated from the upper table.
  7. I'm the proud owner of a new Stock II. Joe at Patriot Defense hooked me up with all the goody aftermarket parts too. So basically I have an Xtreme in standard Stock II cloak. Nonetheless, I'm new to this polygonal barrel. I use Hi-Tech coated bullets. I have a few 135gr laying around, but a lot of 147gr. These are similar to Bayou's, but they're made locally to me. The biggest difference is that these do NOT have a lube groove. I'm also sitting on 4lbs of Vihtavuori N320. I loaded up some experimental loads over the weekend and tested them out. A few at 3.5gr and a few at 3.7gr. COL was 1.142" (length to ogive was 0.838"). Then I chronographed 10 of each load. I can tell you they move a LOT faster than the Vihtavuori manual suggests. Here's the deal: I thought I had a game plan going into this, but now I'm second guessing myself. So the question is; what works well in Stock II's with 147gr hi-tech coated bullets and N320?
  8. Ah hah, great point. I'll keep that in mind. And yes, I believe the Stock2 in question is a large frame.
  9. I'll try to get some pictures posted when I get to my computer.
  10. I have a 22lr conversion for my Witness Elite Match large frame. I'm looking at selling the Match and getting set up with a Stock II and some goody parts from Patriot Defense. Can anyone tell me if the 22lr conversion will work on the Stock2? It won't be a deal breaker, I just need to know if I should keep it or sell it. Also, will Match magazines work in the Stock2?
  11. Cool. I just spent some time reverse Engineering the frame to my Witness Elite Match, modeling it in CAD, and 3D printing grips.
  12. I'm still waiting for a boat to show up from Italy... I've been doing a lot of thinking; I've tried to figure out ways to get rid of the Match when it shows up. In conjunction, I'm looking at CZ Custom and CGW models. I've really been turned off by the lack of aftermarket part options and holsters for the Match. But, I've finally turned full circle and decided to keep the Match when it shows up. Because you guys are right. It IS a great gun! And it treated very well. I even won a centerfire bullseyr competition with it at my local club. When it gets back, I think I'll install a Henning flat trigger. ...I may also look at an Accu Shadow, Shadow 2, or Tanfoglio Stock2 (possibly Xtreme) to add to the collection. Any insight here would be welcome.
  13. Yeah. It sounds like I'm going to have a deal very close to that.
  14. Okay, it's time for an update - I apologize for the novel. I got my Witness sent back to EAA. I spent a week trying to figure out the best way to ship it. Thanks for everyone's support here. In the end, a local FFL gave me carbon copy of his license to take to the US Post Office. I didn't have any issues. $20 to ship Priority Mail + $14 insurance. I sent it on a Saturday morning, EAA received it Monday. Wednesday I sent an email to EAA Customer Service to confirm they received it. EAA promptly responded to my email and said that they had indeed received it and determined that they would be replacing the gun. HOWEVER, they don't currently have any 9mm's in stock, so I have to wait for a shipment from Tanfoglio. Now my wheels start turning. I proceed to get hung-up in a endless do-loop of "what if" questions. It's cost me $35 to ship it. Per their warranty verbiage in the manual, I'm supposed to pay return shipment (another $35). Plus, now that it's a new gun with a new unique SN, I'll have to pay the FFL to transfer it back to my name (another $25). Wait a MINUTE! I was going through live with no issues and all of the sudden this how deal is going to cost me over $100. That doesn't seem right. What if the new one has the same issue? I'm going to get stuck in a loop of paying $100 repeatedly until it gets made right. How much is this going to cost? How long will this whole process take? I called EAA CS (the gal I spoke with on the phone was VERY nice and professional). I explain that I work in manufacturing and that there's a casting defect. I have a level of uncertainty regarding the foundery's process control capabilities. I have no level of confidence that the next one won't have the same problem, or worse, the problem could be an inclusion or porosity in a high stress area that is not detectable until the frame fails. I proceed to just ask for my money back. (BTW - has anyone checked their pricing in the last 6-8mo? HOLY CRAP! My $600 gun is now a $1,000 gun new). The CS gal did not say "no". She said that she understood my perspective, but there policy is to repair or replace. In my case it was replace. I would have to speak with the CS Manager to do anything else. So I asked to speak with him. He's busy and has to call me back. He calls me back within the hour. I felt like he was on edge ready for me to start a fight. But I didn't. I was polite and cordial - as was he. (I'm sure in a CS role, you get to deal with a$$holes all day long - I didn't want to be "that" guy). I reiterate all of my points to the CS Manager. He understands but can't make it happen. I'm going to get the gun replaced and that's that, but I have to wait for the shipment to come in. He did say that he'd make it write with the cost of return shipping and FFL transfer. How this will happen is yet to be determined. So that's my CS experience thus far. Pretty good. I'm not getting my money back like I asked, but I still feel like they're trying to do their best to make things right. That's fair.
  15. Yep. I've come to this realization. I'm meeting up with a local FFL tomorrow. Otherwise I have to drive 30mi to a UPS facility and their hours SUCK! Getting this sent is a ROYAL PIA!
  16. Thanks for sharing. I hope I have the same experience. I'm still messing around with getting it shipped. I found a local FFL who will help me, but he can meet with me until Friday.
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys. I hope all goes well. Now I just have to figure out how to get it shipped. I've done lots of reading. I'll probably end up driving 30 miles to a UPS Store and paying out the nose for next day shipping.
  18. I haven't hung out here for a while. I jumped on because I need some insight. I have had a Witness Elite Match large frame in 9mm for 3yrs. I bought it new in April 2014. Anyway, I took the grips off for the first time a couple days ago and noticed the frame is cracked where the backed portion of the mag well opening meets the back strap. It does look like a ductle fracture or fatigue. It looks like a cold joint in the casting. As anyone seen this? I contacted EAA and sent pics. They've instructed me to send it in for evaluation. I've read some not so great things about their customer service. But I guess I'll see for myself. Perhaps I'll have a good experience.
  19. Yep. That's exactly what I did. Worked beautifully!
  20. I slugged my barrel. Comes in right at 0.356"
  21. Thanks for all the help guys. I just acquired a Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm convertible... with plans to shoot 9mm with it. The only beef some people have is that they're not as accurate with 9mm as they are .357. The guys who reload have no problems as long as they use .358 9mm bullets. I'd "like" use the same bullets in the Blackhawk and Witness. I just slugged my Witness tonight and it measures right at .356". Chamber measures .384". Looks like .358" bullets may work just fine. Thoughts?
  22. Okay, I have to admit ignorance here. I've been actively shooting and reloading for only about 3 yrs and this concept of an expander plug is a new one for me. How exactly does it work? I assume you basically "swage" the chamber larger to accept a larger diameter cartridge, due to using a larger diameter bullet as per allowed by barrel based on measurements taken after slugging the barrel? (Assuming the diameter bullet required by slugging doesn't chamber?)
  23. I've been reloading for about 3yrs now. I've played around with various bullets. Mostly plated and epoxy coated (i.e., Bayou's). I have exclusively been shooting the epoxy coated leads for the past 2yrs. More specifically, I've been shooting 135gr ø .356" epoxy coated lead with a Brinell Hardness of 17. My bullet supplier has oversized bullets available and says some guys are getting better accuracy out of ø .357" or even ø .358" in the 9mm semi-autos. I have an EAA/Tanfoglio Witness Elite Match. I'm curious if any of you reload 9mm for a Witness and if so, do oversized 1) work? 2) improve accuracy?
  24. I have a Witness Elite Match 9mm. Absolutely LOVE the pistol. Best semi-auto I've ever owned or shot! My question is for reloaders - what diameter lead bullets work best in the factory barrel? I've been using ø.356" 135gr coated bullets (like Bayou's) with good luck. However, I know some 9mm shooters go for ø.357" or even ø.358 in lead and see improved accuracy.
  25. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes, I do have an issue with my 135gr Bayou bullet loads. These are loaded to 1.155" COL. My dummy "max-length" round I have tells me the bullet starts to engage rifling at 1.130". With the gun disassembled and barrel in my hand and I drop this round in the chamber, it's obvious that the bullet prevents the case from seating on the front edge. So I do have an issue there. Unfortunately, nobody lists data for 135gr bullets for 9mm. What I do is, for a starting point, I linearly interpolate start and max loads based on data from 124gr and 147gr. I start at the lowest and work may way up slowly while chrono-ing every load. Based on linear interpolation, I'm at what I think is near max load. I'm using 3.8gr of TiteGroup. Velocity is 1060fps, so PF is 143. I'm a little nervous about just seating the bullets deeper another 0.020"-0.030". I actually sold my M9, so two things: 1) I can't use these rounds in it any more, 2) but I can focus on optimizing loads for the Witness. I've only got 50rds made up this way, so it's no big deal if I have to pull them all. (I sold the M9 because I don't see myself ever using it again - and I'd like to focus on optimizing one set-up versus being only okay at multiple). Ultimately, I'm really inquiring to see what folks have to say about what COL's work best for them in their Witness Elite Match's. I understand I may find a COL that is best for accuracy but may not feed well. With no knowledge going in, I have a lot of ground to cover to figure out what she likes. I just thought I'd get some input if others have already been down this path with this particular gun. Thanks.
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