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Drying wet brass


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I have a pellet stove that I heat the house with during the winter. The first load of brass I cleaned was while the weather was still cold so I put a paper towel on top of the stove and laid out the brass. worked great!

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I place my wet brass in a 5 gallon bucket and drain as much water out of the bucket as possible. Then I lay a large 3 speed fan over the top of the bucket. I turn the fan on high and after about 30 minutes mix the brass with a stick or pole. After about one hour the brass is completely dry. I did about 3,000 223 cases that way.

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If you don't like the idea of lead floating around in your clothes dryer try laying them in the sun on a warm day. They get hot pretty quick and dry out fast.

Yep, I wash them in the sink after tumbling. Use a little Dawn dish soap, rinse them in a mesh laundry bag and take it outside. About an hour on a hot side walk on a sunny day is all it takes.

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