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  1. I can't find any loaded ammo, nobody has components, and even rimfire is hard to find. Actually the only thing they have in abundance is 12GA and high power rifle hunting rounds. They could do a pump gun division but I am NOT pasting THOSE targets.
  2. I Say they start a RIMFIRE division. or maybe make it a third power factor. That way those of us that can't get any ammo to shoot anything but our rimfires, can still go to matches.
  3. Oh that is much closer, the closest one I could find before was the match in Ripon, WI and that's just shy of 140 miles away. I will certainly try them. I may not try setting up my own matches if there is a match that close. Thank you for the help. I also see there is one in Portage, WI now. That is a much better drive than going to Ripon, and I do shoot USPSA in Lodi, I wouldn't mind starting a club in the area, with so little in the area, I'd hope we could get good membership numbers. I'm just afraid of the amount of work starting and managing a club would be. Is it not as hard as I'm fretting, or do you get 4-5 people, then break up the workload? Mostly i shy away from the idea because I've never been part of a gun club, so I don't know what to expect.
  4. I'm on a volunteer fire department NEVER forget to put socks on as you run out the door to a head-on with entrapment, or any other time for that matter. Took minutes for the blisters to form, and WEEKS for them to heal. In High School, had a car, put in a stereo, ran the AMP's remote wire under some door molding, some happened to be metal. The molding rubbed through the insulation, and almost set the car on fire. Never do black powder trails on the ground while camping, by the camp fire your friends were just tossing fire crackers into, that black powder line will find an ember that had been blown loose earlier and it will set the can off in your hand. coincidentally, that's the same day I found out I'm completely resistant to morphine (yeah rough day). Deep Second degree burns from finger tips to arm pit and face. At least I didn't scar!! (sadly I was much older than I'd care to admit when I pulled that stunt, old enough the alcohol had been legal for YEARS). I kept the can to remind me of this one, not like it will ever be possible to erase the memory of that much pain. NEVER jam the leads from a DC multimeter into a 120v wall socket to test it. Never plug a switch into a production environment because "Hey STP will just do what it's designed to" Even though I verified STP was on, I didn't verify all trunks in the loop were dot1Q, the single ISL trunk messes everything up. Took a multi milion dollar SaaS company off the internet for 15min in the middle of the day. Never take a UPS offline before verifying all disk shelves are properly plugged in. I was coming up to a stop light. This light had 3 lanes that went straight with a dedicated left turn lane. I come up over the hill, light is red, single car in center straight lane. As I approach, light goes green, car starts to slowly pull forward. (I'm on my motorcycle) so I signal, jump to left straight lane, go to pass car in intersection instead of dump all my momentum. Right as the car decides it needs to make a left turn FROM TWO LANES OVER. I end up 40mph into the drivers door. Bike goes one way, I go air-born, land on my back, slide umpteen feet, hell the laptop in my bag survived. Lesson here is to NEVER pass cars in intersections while on 2 wheels. Sure, I was in the right, but that doesn't matter if you're dead. Never use a Ft Lb Torque wrench to tighten something listed in IN Lb's. I converted it into ft lb, but it was still on the bottom of the torque settings, not terribly accurate. Broke a bolt off in the block of my Goldwing. I'm sure I'm missing things.
  5. There are no IDPA matches within a decent driving distance from me (zip code 53569). The local Technical College has recently put in place a new outdoor range paid for by a referendum and used currently for the criminal justice program. After speaking with the coordinator at the school, she was very open and receptive to getting everyone shooting there. After all, as she puts it, we paid for it we might as well use it. So after looking around I thought, hey maybe I can get a USPSA or IDPA match hosted here and get interest drummed up in the South Western Wisconsin area that I live in. Since there are no shooting anything in the area, I thought it could snowball and maybe lead to some SASS, or steal matches, GSSF, etc. Where do you start? Would it be rude of me to ask a club that now shoots IDPA but is fairly far away to help me coordinate things? Thanks.
  6. I'm running into the same problem. Factory ammo is chambering fine, but the reloaded rounds I build are getting stuck in the chamber. I've sized the brass, trimmed, reloaded, used the lee FCD etc... .I was afraid I might have to go to the small base dies. I'll try getting my .223 die down a bit further. if not, off to small base I go I guess.
  7. I'm actually under the opposite impression that the hollow point and boat tails help the bullet fly flatter and the additional processing needed to obtain those properties can lead to a more consistant round. Though I could be wrong.. I'd suspect that's more the issue than anything. I've got the pound of Unique that I'm using as my first powder. I wanted something voluminous that was almost impossible to double charge without spill over. I'm looking for some W231 but it's slim pickings out there. maybe I'll see if anyone has any H38 but I'd bet if they are out of one, they are out of the other. I did have a chance to make to the range and chrono them and there is lots of room there. In fact I'm right on the line for power factor so there's room to push them a bit harder. I was pushing them between 1050 and 1100 fps. I'd like to get them closer to 130 pf. Thanks for the help.
  8. That's wild. I've never heard of a range like that. Gander Mountains indoor range won't allow reloads. or holster work, or rapid fire (though I've shot quite rapidly in there many times. As long as you are hitting paper and back stop, they have never said a word) The only thing I like is they have an electronic target system that you can setup to hold the target sideways then present it to you for a given amount of time, then snap back. I like it for doing double taps. I hold at low ready, it presents for like 2 sec and I work on presenting the weapon and getting 2 "A" zone hits in that time.
  9. I think I may be on the wrong site. I feel completely outclassed. Total, including the 1000 round self defense class I took I've probably got 2500 rounds of 9mm. But then again, I was a full time college student, worked full time, have 4 kids, I'm married, my wife works 2nd shift and weekends, and the public dump we used to be able to shoot at has been posted no guns. Needless to say I didn't get a lot of range time. if I can find a good, solid, consistent supplier of bullets, powder, and primers, I'd like to atleast double that this year with training alone, and probably another 1500 - 2500 for matches.
  10. They came with the press, I will never carry handloads, so I was loading the XTP's to run them for competition but haven't been able to find a load as accurate as the FMJ RN that I've been using too. And other than PD, what else would I use 115g XTP's for in a 9mm? I don't hunt with it. I shoot the 26 in USPSA and if I ever find a club near me, I'll also run it IDPA. it's my carry peace and I do it mostly for practice. Though I've been looking at a 34 for USPSA. Keep the 26 for CCW and use the 34 for competition. Thanks for the help, maybe I'll try pushing the XTP's a bit harder. I'm not getting any pressure signs and I've got them sitting on top of 5.4g of Unique and I don't have any in front of me but I believe they were loaded to 1.090". I'll chrono them this weekend, if there is room (and I suspect there is) I'll push a few harder and see if they straighten up. If now I'll just keep the rest for my 34. maybe it will like them better.
  11. After all the reading I've done, I'm of the impression that JHP's will shoot consistantly better than FMJ due to the way they are constructed and the more pronounced side of the bullet that engates the rifling. But as I've been reloading, I've found that specifically the 115gr Hornady XTP I have shoot terrible out of my stock glock 26 where the exact same load with a 115gr FMJ (both Magtech 115 FMJ's and a pack of 200 no name CMJ/TMJ's from a gun show) shot very tight groups. Am I just not pushing the XTP's hard enough? (I'll find out this weekend when I chrono them) or does my gun just not like reloaded JHP's? It tends to shoot commercial JHP's fine so maybe it's just my loads. Thoughts?
  12. Anyone know if glocks (Gen 4 26) tend to be less or more tolerant to the slightly over-sized bullet? I'd think the rifling would be a bit more forgiving.
  13. As far as I know there is no problem at all using 38 (.357) bullets in a 9mm (.355/356) load at all but I thought it worth asking those that know more than I. I can't find any good 124gr .356 bullets but did happen to find a source of some 125gr .357 and figured I'd try those and see how they would work.
  14. I think the proportionality of the variance is probably about right. I've chosen Unique to start with and ended up finding a bottle of blue dot in my parents closet (which is funny since they've never reloaded anything ever). So I have a pound of each. I think I'll stick to slower powders because of their larger range for learning then bump of to a faster powder only if I'm finding some property of the slower ones that I'm not happy with. I just figured since I'm using a rotary powder drop (hornady lnl ap), and there is always some amount of variance in the drops, that using a powder with less sensitivity to variance (slower powders that have a larger range) I'd get a more consistent round. Which in the end would turn into better accuracy. I hadn't thought of the pressure curve and how it effected recoil. Thanks for the help.
  15. I've been looking at reloading charts and I'm starting to discern some patterns from it. ( or, at the very least I THINK I'm seeing a pattern, maybe I've just been sniffing the Hoppe's for too long.) What I'm noticing is that it's very obvious that some powders have a very short range between min/max and others have a much larger range. Consider the differences in tightgroup VS BlueDot for example. Does a larger range between min/max tend to indicate a powder that would be better at giving me consistent velocities for a given caliber? I know more serious competition shooters are using TG then BD in their 9mm loads so obviously that's not the whole story. Yet, I do tend to wonder why many have found it better to use a powder that 1/10'th of a grain + or - can create a much greater velocity variance than others.
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