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  1. Let me know what you find out. I just started having this problem also. I replaced the blue plastic tip and cleaned everything and it was still popping primers on the bench. This is so frustrating when it does happen and the H335 powder just gets everywhere.
  2. Thanks Sarge, exactly what I thought when I seen them.
  3. Bought a few years ago from someone either on this forum or a different one. But when I noticed it says 38 acp and not 380 acp What the hell? Do I need to get 380 acp dies now to load 380 acp?
  4. If only the 650 priming system would not use the ski jump and allow the primer to stay in priming wheel for another chance to prime. So many times, you need to pull a case and you loose another primer.
  5. I have two, one setup for small and one setup for large primers. the only problem I have with them once in while is where the little plastic piece that sets right where the tube meets the machine where the primers drop into the filler tube. That plastic piece will sometimes get jammed up causing the primers to not drop and get backed up.
  6. I have loaded 300 wm on my super 1050, I just put the seater die in the last station.
  7. 1) Dillon universal de-capping Then 2) Dillon trim die and trimmer Then 3) lee collet die to set neck tension Works great for me.
  8. I currently use a Dillon 1050 to trim and size with. Station 1 I used a Dillon universal decapping die Station 2 swage Station 6 trim with Dillon rt1200 trimmer Next remove lube in tumbler Next when I go to reload the bullets, setup a lee collet die in station one and adjust mandrel and neck tension. This also removes or cleans out the flash hole that might have stuck media in it. Here is YouTube video of some guy showing a lee collet die
  9. I use a universal decapping die, then the RT1200 trimmer on the first step. The second step is to use a lee collet die to set neck tension and clean out flash hole.
  10. I have and rcbs chargemaster and a couple of beam scales. I am thinking of getting a second digital scale from Dillon to double check my loads. It's been a while since I used my beam scales, but they are here for when there is no power or something fails.
  11. I bought the paint from weldingsupply.com for cheap and my setup is right on.
  12. Wow never heard of this happening before. The only thing I can think of is your primer tube was not tight. I am talking the threaded nut on top was loose.
  13. They say the neck should reach 650 degrees when it's at the right temp.
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