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Revolver class with GM Sam Keen


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Been thinking that since I've been lucky to have good low cost training and advice I'd pass it on. ;)

April 28, 2012 at the Cross Roads Sport shooting assn in Glen Mississippi www.crssa.com (near Corinth MS) 8am-4pm Saturday.

We'll work on fundamentals, reloading techniques, stage breakdowns, USPSA vs ICORE & IDPA(Hit factor scoring, vs. Time down)

Sunday the 29th the class will shoot the clubs Steel only USPSA style match @ 1:00 (5 or 6 stages of pure steel, USPSA Freestyle stages) (Was going to do it on the USPSA weekend but that is Easter Sunday and I'll be at church)

Cost will be your time, my time is free to you. $25 for targets and pasters as needed and range fees. The steel match on Sunday is $5.00 and will not be included in the $25.

Bring 500 bullets for your favorite gattling gun. Bring your own lunch, and another 200 or so bullets for the steel match.

Interested contact me via e-mail or through these forums

Sam Keen

E-mail: sam@sbc3.com

Thanks to Brian Enos for the Forums and opportunity to pass on what has been freely given to me. :bow::bow::bow:

Oh, and if you're gonna come from out of town I suggest staying in Corinth. (12 miles from the range) ;)


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Hi all,

If you would like to come to the class please RSVP with Heidi through the club website: www.crssa.com (e-mail address on the left of the home page picture/vidieo.

Hotels recomended to me (I'll stay with my Mother) :)

Hampton Inn: 662-286-5949

Holiday Inn: 662-287-1407

Econo Lodge: 662-286-6071

Generals Quarters B&B: 662-286-3325

Oh and there will be no steel match the next day........BUT we'll have our own little private USPSA type match with maybe a ICORE/IDPA type stage thrown in. :cheers:


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Sam I tried to RSVP but I get a failed delivery message.

I’m trying to set this up to attend this class . RSVP was requested and I plan on being there.

How many people are coming so far? Any idea how late we would be shooting Sunday?

Thanks Sam for doing this.

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Still room in the class. Having trouble with RSVP please call Heidi @ 662_287_3235 no later than 9:00 central please. Sunday we will have a USPSA match instead of a Steel match starting at 9:00 am. Five stages we should be done around noon.

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I'm looking forward to this class so much I showed up a week early...... :)

at least they were having a monthly match...

see you this saturday

Ouch I hope you didn't drive to far.

I will see you THIS weekend.

Looking forward to the class and meeting a few other revolver shooters.

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