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New 9mm major open shooter needs help


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Hello all, well I just ventured to the dark side and got a custom STI open gun in 9mm major. I cant wait to try it out but first I need a good load. The previous owner was using HS-6 and said it works great, but I have a good amount of Ramshot silhouette on hand and I would like to use it for something. Ive searched on this forum and there no real reference on load data for 9mm major. People only say "it's a good powder"

Could someone give me a point of reference to create a load for my new open gun, Ill be using a 124gr fmj bullet.(gr of powder, oal, and primer type)

If you think I should stay with HS-6, let me know why.

All info would be appreciated.


**(All load data must be build up to your setup, use at your own risk)**

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I am going to guess you saw the above thread. If you missed it check it out.

I use Ramshot Silhouette in my 9 major gun. I have tried a few other powders but always make it back to the Ramshot.

I am currently running a Cheely built 5.5 gun. My load is 7.9 grains of Silhouette 121 MG ifp mixed brass and wolf small rifle primers. I get 1420 fps and a 171 pf.

I like reloading this powder better then HS 6. HS 6 was like snowflakes out of the powder drop. I bagged it.

I used 3n37 for a while. Dan Bedell suggested it when I bought my first 9 open gun. I don't see a big difference between the way the two powders. Ramshot is a little easier on the budget.

3n38 was nice but hard to load into the 9mm case it would spill and gum the reloader up.

The only downside I have found is that its a little slower in Vegas heat. I make sure the ammo is at 100 degrees when I chrono. The weather in VT does not affect my load.

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I load 7.8 gr of Silhouette with a 124 gr JHP @ 1.168 OAL with Winchester SRP. I shoot this load in my Cheely and Anglin full size 9 mm Open guns. No holes in barrel on either gun. The load runs a consistant 170-172 PF out of both guns. I have not noticed any changes with temps ranging from 60-90 degrees.

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I just did a test with HS-6 vs auto comp. I loaded 170 PF stuff with both. The Autocomp felt slightly better. I will save the HS-6 for backup powder though since it was SO close in feel.

+1 on the Autocomp.
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I've tried darn near eveything, with regular small pistol primers 7.7gr of Silhouette set 1.165 w/124gr MTG CMJ. With magnum primer 7.6gr. (this is the hot weather load). Below 50 I run 7.4gr with the magnum primer.

Magnum primers make it run cleaner. I tried 115gr but found the accuracy was not as good and the feel was about the same. My 7.6gr with Magnum Primer clocked 171pf at Double tap at 106.

HS6 w/ 8.2gr and the 124gr MTG CMJ 1.165 SPP, about 170pf seems to be flatter but harder straight back recoil. Not chunky drity like Silhouette black filmy dirty.

Best alternate is 7.0gr of AutoComp w/124gr CMJ MTG SPP set 1.165, I like the feel of AC better than HS-6.

If your gun will handle 1.185-1.190 you can run 10gr of AA#7

I run a 10# recoil in my cone comped guns and a 9# in the bull barrel gun, yours is a bull and looks like the slide is about the same weight as the one on my bull gun.

STI mags with spaces work great with this oal, I also run some SVI mags but they cost way too much, need to be hammer fit to the gun etc. There is no reason to pay $100+ for an old SVI 140 mm tube when a whole STI mag from Brazos is $54. Grams guts in the bigsticks with Dawson SNL(29 rounds), short sticks I just run the stock STI mag with STI guts (21 rounds), my SVI with Grams guts goes to 30 rounds..

Always drop one round unless you have a loaded start, when max rounds are in the mag hard to get into the gun.

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