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  1. I used to hang out with a lot of guy at a car club that had race cars they drove on the street. My car was a non mod True Street car. Thus the name.
  2. Any one using a PT Steel Grip with a DAA Race Master? Any issues with it?
  3. Thanks, I know the feeling the ones we have in Atlanta are backlogged where a trigger job can take almost as long to build a gun. :roflol:
  4. My daughter bought my son in-law a gun for this coming Fathers day! having shot my custom guns she doesn't like the stock sights and would like to have them replaced.
  5. Naw the bright tape will just give them something to aim at
  6. Welcome aboard I'm from Dallas, went to school at SMU, but currently living in GA
  7. TruStreet

    Decent thumbrest

    SJC just released theirs give them a call
  8. Welcome aboard, I grew up in the DFW area but now live in Atlanta GA. my kids live in Murphy TX
  9. The Variation comes from your mixed brass. Try loading several rounds using the same type of brass then see if the OAL improves.
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