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My best friend injured


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Yes, you heard it right, I like that my best friend is injured... See, my friend was working on his house, well, tearing down a shed, and fell off the top of a 6' ladder. He was using a 2x4 to pry up boards holding the tin on his shed, so he can move the shed to another piece of property he owns. He over extended, the ladder went one way, he went the other, falling on a piece of angle iron, gashing his left arm open at the elbow (16 stitches there), and cutting his right thumb (6 stitches there). He also managed to somehow tear his bicep muscle in his left arm, but the docs said there wasn't much they could do about that, just let time heal it. Did I mention that he is 82 years old? And that he is my father? The reason I'm glad he is injured is well, he could have been killed! He won't ask for help, not in his nature, not even help from me. And he's out there laughing about it, when his arm isn't hurting too much...

I couldn't scold him, tell him he could have been killed, as when I was growing up, he never did that to me. I remember asking him one time, after I was "grown", why in the hell didn't he hold me under water and drown me when I was young, for all the stupid things I'd done and all the things I'd broke, tools I lost, cars I wrecked...His reply...."Son, how can I be mad at you for doing something that I would have or did do when I was your age?" I remember saying something to the effect of that, I should have at least got beat for some of it, and why didn't he, he told "As long as you aren't dead, everything else can be fixed."

So yes, I like that he is injured and not dead, cause just being injured means he can be fixed, just like everything else.... :cheers:

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Here's something I found funny about it (and he did too!). He called his younger sister, my aunt Margaret, and told her he had fallen and got hurt. She scolded him, telling him, "Why didn't you call me? I could have held the ladder for you!". He told me, "Yeah, that's all we needed, an 82 year old falling on an 80 year old!"

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have you started to notice how our Dads are getting event with us for all the times we worried them

call it Carma :mellow:

Wait until he buys that Corvette

He's WAY past buying a Vette! :roflol:

He likes slower moving things, like tractors...He just bought a new John Deere gigantic tractor, just to mow his yard! By gigantic, I mean the tires on the rear are at least 5'6" tall, and the tractor has something like 60 HP, or something stupid like that...But, it's his money, and I'm in absolutely no position to tell him how to spend it...If he wants it, go for it!

Last year, he bought a commercial mower, like a Dixie Chopper, just cause he wanted to see how it worked, and cause he wanted to play with it...

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Thread for the dads.

Mine has done the same after having a heartattack getting the stint put in and couple days off he was ready to go back to feeding the bulls and cows. 50# sack of mineral salt and trip hopper full of feed and bale spike on the back away he went. But I did get the joy of helping him one day. Called and he just didn't have the strength to pull the baby calf by himself so he called I jumped at the chance to help out plus I brought 8 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son to watch. Yea u guessed their eyes were bugged out when I had to reach in and grab the legs. Love my kids. Now they are 12 & 7 with another 2 yr old running and the last one due in august. 1 daughter 3 sons. Man I can be proud.


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