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Load for 147gr 9mm

225 Fireman

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Hey I ordered some 147gr lead bullets today and could use some help with some loads, they need to make minor for USPSA any help would be greatly appreciated. The powders I have on hand are WST WSF N340 N320 and 231 thanks again.

The BE forum has a GREAT 9mm reloading sub-forum: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showforum=72 :cheers:

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N320 may be a little too fast for the bullet.

I'm still wondering why there is no love for N330...

320 is fantastic with 124 and 147 in 9mm.

I agree with Vigilante. 3.4-3.6 should be a good start.

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I just got some Precision Bullets in 147gr and did a chrono on Monday. I am using Win 231 at 3.5gr and in 35 deg F they were running an average of 885 FPS for a PF of 130. The book says at 72 deg they should run 905 FPS with a 133 PF so that sounds about right. OAL of 1.118 or so. These are not too smokey and have a nice soft recoil. I had been shooting 125gr FMJ with 4.7gr of 231 and these feel a lot nicer.


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