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200gr vs 230gr


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.45ACP in a 1911 is all I've been shooting for the past year or so. I use 200grain lead semi wad cutters from Missouri Bullets. I like the great big holes they punch out :)

I'm pushing them out with 4.3 grains of Hogdon Clay's through a 5" barrel. They work great and usually chrono between 172 and 175 PF.

Hope this helps.

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I like 200's in a 5 inch 1911 were they make PF easy. 4 inch 625 revolver I had to load too hot to get PF with 200's. So use 230's for the wheelgun, the 230's drop in better with Moonclips soo. Felt recoil is a lot more with the revolver shooting 230's than the 1911 Colt using 200 gr SWC's


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Hmm I just saw that you guys are using the max charge of Clays to make major.

Maybe I'll try W231. Seems to make major at the lower end of the charge range.

4.2gr was far enough from Major in my 1911 that I dont know that I could get it without going above max published with chrono cushion. Now, 3.8-3.9gr Clays with a 230gr is pretty sweet as well.

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