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1911 Holster?

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I didnt think I could use a dropped and offset for single stack

You can't, read the rules, front strap and grip have to be above the top of the belt! Choices are Comp-tac, Ready Tactical, Blade-tech, and a handful of others... Me, I use a Comp-tac for now...

But not DOH for SS in USPSA and in Ready, you have to use the USPSA version, not the IDPA version... Good source for Ready - cpwsa.com.


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I like the blade tech gear for competition. I bought a DOH for L10, and a Tecloc by itself (they're cheap), so I could make it usable for SS if I want to later. Blade Tech makes really nice gear, although the other suggestions are just as good.

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Check this out: Comp-Tac

Comp-Tac management supports shooting sports and one of the General Managers is a top-class shooter

I have 5 of their holsters and love each and everyone, as well as their mag pouches.

Comp-Tac does make some excellent gear.

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Is the Blade Tech "Black Ice" belt holster the one that people are referring to here that is legal for SS with a full size 1911? If not, which Blade Tech belt holster is it?

Here's a link to the Black Ice holster.




Looks like it might be legal - SStk needs the frontstrap above the top of the belt.

Most of us using Bladetech are probably using the standard belt holster. That's what I use.

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