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  1. And now I notice you have to have shot the match twice to be considered a returning shooter! Last year was my first and only time, hoping to make it in this year!
  2. Absolutely! Me too. I couldn't do first of Dec, so I for one am glad to see the change.
  3. Yeah, GREAT match. Great mix of skill sets tested. A few quick, 35-45 second stages, but most were minimum 60 secs, and several were way over that. Very well administrated! Lunch was included and brought to you on your stage. It was July in Texas, but there were popsicles! If you like Outlaw 3 gun, this was a quintessential Outlaw match. This match instantly moves into my top 3.
  4. Great match! Super fun stages. Great facility, in a beautiful area. This will be on my must shoot list for next year. Big thanks to Kurt, Aaron and the rest of the staff.
  5. This was my 4th BRM3G and definitely my favorite. It was tougher than in years past. I little bit more movement, but nothing super crazy. Like a couple others have said, if I could only shoot one match a year, this would definitely be it. Andy and staff did an awesome job. Hat's off to the ROs to ran those crazy long courses time after time for 5 days. I loved stage 2. I would have done better had I not loaded a slug backwards ( and off the clock too, what an idiot). I thought it was a very cool test of marksmanship that we don't ever really have in our matches. Not having the report of a steel target meant you had to strictly apply fundamentals instead of hosing until you got a ding. I wouldn't mind seeing a "standards" type stage more often.
  6. Another vote for the Seekins. Plus they have a bunch of cool colors.
  7. Anybody heard from the FFL handling the transfers yet? Or remember their name?
  8. Guys, this ain't a complicated range. You can drive everywhere. The only way that could change would be with weather, but even with that, I think the roads are still pretty solid. Probably won't need a map for stages, there is only one road on the range.
  9. There's quite a few hotels in that area. Anything on Hwy 150 or John Hawkins Pkwy will put you close to the range, restaurants, etc. The range is actually in a great location, surrounded by business and residential. Much different than a lot of the places we shoot that are in the middle of nowhere. I'm in Birmingham, so anyone feel free to PM me with questions.
  10. They're usually posted online the day before the match. Charles will give out approximate round counts prior to that, but with optional targets even that is a best guess. Bring a case of shotgun shells, 40 slugs and 300 each of pistol and rifle and you'll be fine.
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